Monday, June 11, 2012

First Grand Rapids Box Crawl

So Saturday I signed up for a box crawl. Its not judged or anything...."a fun thing" was what I am told. Hmm. We shall see since I got what we are to do in an email. I can do about 40% of the things. I will keep ya posted on it. Cause I read the email...turn pale, hands got sweaty and my stomach hurt...but that was probably from my toes to bar and sit ups from earlier. Gulp... meet new people...right?! Sigh.....yet I am excited.....I am such a girl, cant make up my mind.

I know some will not agree with me doing it but I am sure you can look in the mirror and deal with your plank before you tend to mine. (I mean that out of love) You can message me but don't tend to things here. I don't want a debate.

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