Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Well, I started the day off fine.  But as I did my thang this morning, came home, showered, made breakfast, ate it, and then I coughed.  WHAT!?  I cough and my abs, feel like someone punched them!!!  I really have no words, other than I feel awesome mentally, physically is a whole other feeling.   I am hoping I feel better after I stretch more.  I mean, sure it will hurt because of the fact that I seriously have neglected things.   I am changing it.  

Tonight is a viewing of Strong! (that is a link to the preview) I am curious about it.  I think it looks interesting.  I have issues with jumping on a box!  But today I did jump higher.  I seriously think I could do the 12" box....maybe a few times -- NOT 45 times!   ...wrong mind-set, maybe I could.    

305 views and I have Russia followers!  How interesting is that!?  (I know NO ONE IN RUSSIA!)  Hello to you!  Thanks for following.

Well, today this is what I went in to.  I thought it was just regular box jumps, boy was I sadly, sadly mistaken.  Maybe I should wear my reading glasses when I look on my phone for the WOD!  Just a thought.
Workout for Tuesday, May 8
3 Rounds
20 Mountain Climbers
10 Kettlebell Swings
10 Good Mornings
10 Donkey Kicks

21-15-9 -- I think 12:08
Deadlift (225/155) -- 115 lbs
Burpee Box Jump (24″/20″) -- maybe 9 inches? 

Rope Climb
3 Sets of 3

I am getting there, this isn't a thing that happens over night, where I can do the same things as everyone else.  Reason why I love CrossFit.  Its different levels, for different people!

Have a great day and do something well for yourself!  Make your abs feel like they were used as a punching bag!  

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