Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday and a Sweaty Back

It's FrrrriiDay!  Yay.  (yes, I know that totally doesn't look like Friday, but its my blog.) 

OKay, I want to start off by saying with the storms that went through last night, I didn't sleep that well, at all!  The best sleep was from 3:30 til 4:30 when our 2-year old came in and was staring at me, which is an awful way to wake-up -- just sayin'.  Alarm went off at 4:52 a.m. slapped it quiet.  I got up at 5:06 saying OKAY I need to go.  Yes, I do fight with myself, but I go!!! I have goals and laying in bed isn't going to get me to those goals.  I am so glad that I went.

I can say that this morning was intense.  We kept at it  I don't know, whatever, you want to call it.  It was intense and I am so glad that Brian figured out that the music is what set it. HA HA HA  (Brian -- I don't listen to that music that we begun with and I think the end music was more of a hurry-up so we don't have to listen to it anymore, type deal????)  Either way.....we rocked.  It was intense, we are all at different levels -- the three of us and we were within seconds of each other.  Makes me have goals and actually want to practice my pull-ups.  SERIOUSLY!  I can say that I feel like a million bucks without a doubt! 

My hands feel like they are on fire and hurt, but I heard its normal.  I used to do hard work.  I guess to explain it; the day that I helped my dad cut-up concrete with the jack hammer.    Ugh..I told you he was a contractor, that I used to work with him....yes, I, Jen, used a jack hammer and felt like my brain was shook right out of its place -- which, might explain a lot.  But that is how my hands feel.  I want to just get ice and put my hands on the ice.   

Did I tell you?  I love chalk.  Its my new B.F.F!  NOW...if there was purple chalk how cool would that be???  LOL KIDDING...only kidding!!!! Maybe.  What about tape???  I read that gloves are bad to use, because it makes your hands -- thicker and harder to grip the bar.

OKay..this is what was prescribed, this a.m. at the box.

Workout for Friday, May 4
3 Rounds
20 High Knees
10 Situps
10 Superman
10 Kipping Pullups  -- I stood on a box and swayed back and forth learning to use the right muscles for this.

Power Clean

5 Rounds for time
8 Power Clean  -- 62.5 lbs, I probably could have gone heavier, eh...I don't know.
8 Handstand Pushups  -- push ups on a box, head to floor
4 Muscle Ups --  4 pulls ups on a box AND 4 dips -- legs in the front this time NOT behind!
My time?    16:02   

OOO I got me a Crossfit616 t-shirt!  woot, sweatshirt is for down the road, but I want one.

My husband texts me this - 'You need to put a towel on seat. My back is wet with your sweat'.  'EWWWW', was my response.  NOT I am sorry.  So, Hun, I am sorry you have my sweat on your back, but I am sharing the success of a great WOD! 

Have a great day today, make it a great weekend!  Do something good for your heart today.  It will take care of you, if you take care of it! 

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