Thursday, June 7, 2012

Things I think about. -- tears, rants, and business ideas....

Well, this should be interesting...inside my brain.....
The last week or so driving around, I noticed a very, very large man riding a bike with an elderly lady leading the way.  I do think of myself as an observant person and I seen people in other vehicles laughing.  why!?  SERIOUSLY....stop smoking your stinking cigarette and I bet he could out ride you!!!  Good for him, good for his mom!  I want to think of her that way, for caring to the point where he is riding a bike and she is doing it with him.   I don't want to honk the horn because if it was me, I would get very embarrassed.  So, the kids and I cheer him on in the van.  It saddens me.  People are mean.  

 Then this morning I dropped Rick, my hubby, off at work and on the way back, I seen a man probably my size riding a bike in the bike lane.  ALL THREE CARS in front of me swerved around him...why?  He was in the bike lane to the far right he was going straight down that lane.  Are people that insensitive to what others are?  I kept  the course and didn't swerve, he was in his lane, I was in mine.  *shaking my head*

I have always been on the heavier side, but active.  I know what its like to be the larger gal in all situations, so...I learned to joke about it...or cry.  (as I sit here, I have tears.)  I mock myself because I know what I do is not always bright or my body makes a noise, 9 times out of 10 I ignore it, but one day I will be like I am not clapping at myself, my body is.  Its not to be laughed at...don't its not healthy.  Why...Why do people mock fat people?  I know some are lazy, just don't care, don't know what to change, are honestly sick, and feel there is no way out.  That is sadder yet!  :(  It is possible!!!!  If you are one who is reading this....try.  Research in your area how to do it!!!!!  I care.  I do.  email me   I will see if we can't find a CrossFit box or a gym that can help you!  The coaches at boxes care.....I think they do....
This is what annoys me.  The people in Meijer, sitting in their motor carts getting Oreo's, ice cream and everything else at eye level, that likes to make a permanent residence in your tush, stomach, arms, thighs, neck ..yeah everywhere; with 2 chunky kids running around saying I want, I want, I want.  THAT annoys me --To no ends.  I want to say, look we are the same dang gone size, you have no cast on your foot, you look fine, get your butt up and lead by example!  SERIOUSLY.  I hurt, but I walk, I do it, because I want to be strong.  *I hate being fat!*  HATE IT.  I am not those people...I walk, okay I limp....I hurt cause I am pushing my body hard right now and I walk. Stop with the whoa is me card, everything in life is about choices.  Choose to make it better, start with walking in the store.....  please.    

It hurts people, to no end, it hurts.  We do have feelings, too.  I ask the people around me to be honest, tell me  -- JEN, STOP doing that!!!  That is how I am.  I need to be checked, more times than not.   I appreciate my honest friends, it seems like I have few to none, in that area.  We should be honest with each other - right?  So, let's be honest then.

Am I asking for people to feel sorry for me or others?  NO...heck no.   Compassion would be awesome though.  Am I wrong for saying others are bad for laughing at the fat people who work out?  I don't think so.  My gracious.....Have some decency for your fellow man/woman and cheer on a large person working out today!

This is another reason why I am thinking about becoming a personal trainer -- maybe a CrossFit coach, tapping chin.  I really don't put up with much, I go all or nothing, or at least try my best. Isn't that how life should be?  I was telling the hubby today that if I were to go to the Y and do a Crossfit workout.  the P.T. would stare at me.  Shoot, when I went to the Y the personal trainers just walked around like they were dazed and confused.  DUDE, you work at a gym, fat people are every where (more at the beginning of the year), what do you do?  GRAB ONE..GO SHOW THEM HOW TO LOSE THE FAT!!!!   O_o  REALLY.  They would rather go buy a fast food meal than pay for you telling them what to do.....give them a few freebies!  There are some, who really want out of their current state.  Thus the reason they are there.

Think about this then, if people know that you care and want to invest in their health, what happens, mouths open up and more people come.  Think about it for a moment, its Business 101 with Jen.  Sure you have fatties everywhere, but do you know what? (did you see my bad joke!?  I need to stop it!)  If you invest in them/us, they/we will help bring more people to that gym!  They/We become fit!!!!  Improvements in people is advertising, walking advertisements of good health.  Brilliant JEN Brilliant!!!!  *clapping*

Just my two cents.  So.....I am done, crying and turning things into business ideas.  Go figure, no wonder why my career testing showed CEO, cause I turn things into business ideas.  Now off to get ready to get my noon sweat on, CrossFit of course! Pistols are on the agenda..... *shaking my head* but I will give it my all!!!!  

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