Thursday, April 19, 2012

Never quit....

Good morning, afternoon, evening, whatever time of day that you may read this. I am so glad that today is Thursday!  No idea why, as an at-home mom you really don't get a break, its 24/7 of 4-girls saying things from mom, momma, mommy, ma, but moooooommmm, mom she did get the point right?  I mean 4-kids I can't cover all the mom, mother, etc points within one blog post, right?  People wonder why I have 2 gym memberships and do Crossfit?  Well, need I say more?  It's my out, hey, it's better than going to the bar -- i.e. empty calories, come on now!!!  I know that much.

Last night, we went to a sporting goods place, I looked at the women workout wear, I won't go there. Wait..yes, yes I am gonna go there.  People, if you want to know why people are fat, it's 'cause we/they don't have cute workout wear for the obese. (kidding - bad excuse - do not use it!)  Like me, I hate, HATE sweats, there I said it.  YES, I hate them -- yes, I know hate is a strong word.  But seriously, sweats and velor...I mean really????   Might as well just put on the stretchy jean material and go get your WOD on -- OKAY YES, I am going off on clothes again, I am a girl!!!  Yeah, then they have no Reebok Crossfit shoes either, he looked at me, as if I was nuts.  I seriously, SERIOUSLY, need to keep going to more sport places and just get people looking at me about Crossfit. We go anywhere, where do I head?  Shoes.  I am NOT a heel girl...tennies all the way!  Anyways.  No fat people workout clothes or Reebok Crossfitting shoes...Two strikes peeps...two.  We went to look at some camping stuff.  Fell in love with this neato tent there.  -- Yeah..I used neato.  HA!  Walked out empty handed.

Didn't sleep well last night...why?  no clue.  Just couldn't wind down.  Looked at the clock around 1 a.m.  Then 3 a.m. the youngest climbed into bed with me and snuggled up next to me, sweet thing....back to bed she went!!!  I am not for the children in bed with me...I am a bed hog, I sprawl all out, I am not a fetal position kind of gal. 

Okay...ready for what I did today in Crossfit?  Me and my big mouth, practicing wall balls -- flappin' my jaw, 'oh these aren't so bad'.  Yeah...whatever Jen WHATEVER.  I learned today...hush the mouth, until the WOD is done!  (yes, I talk in 3rd person, I don't answer myself -- no worries, it's all good.)

Jump Rope 1 min.
30 Squats
Jump Rope 1 min.
20 Pushups
Jump Rope 1 min.
10 Pull-ups  -- I did ring rows

Max Height Box Jump  -- I SOOOOO need mental help and learn how to up talk myself so that I can do these.

3 Rounds
30 Wall Ball
30 Double Under
Rest 2 min. after each round

You wanna know my time?  16:47  Okay....I am proud of it, really, because I finished and I literally fell on the floor.  After I was encouraged by the others -- remember me saying its awesome having people encourage you to finish!?  Well, yeah it is.  6 minutes total time of resting...which was to just catch your breath.  WHEW, I am so gonna feel that later.  It wasn't bad....2 minutes more than everyone else, but guess what?  I finished!  I didn't quit......NEVER QUIT!!!  It's my new theory, it is a good one right?  The other day in the WOD...I was in the 5th round half-way through and I quit.  No more of that; I will finish, I don't care if it takes me 25 minutes to finish something.  I have to have a time to beat for next time.

Today, I need to find some wire cutters, to cut down my jump rope....cable jump ropes you just can't cut; a 9 foot rope for a 5'3 woman just won't work.  I need to work on jump roping.  I used to double-dutch for crying out loud, in elementary, which was like ..... years ago.  Ugh.  Don't ever let yourself go.  EVER.

Some people from my facebook page, with whom I went to school with know my goals....  I so desire to do a triathlon.  I have been talking about it for what at least a year now.  Not sure if its still a goal.  I am eyeballing the Spartan races, etc.  I would like to do something similar.  Maybe a goal poster????  Thoughts on it?  I don't know..I am not one who will just go do something by myself -- other than working out.

Good news!  I am dreaming of seeing myself fit, I can see it now....Hey, its progress.  I look good....not being all conceited or anything.

So today is shopping for food day.  I need to get that done.  Stay to the outside of the store, that is what I am told.  Well, at Caledonia Meijer...uhm..pop is on the outside.  JUST SAYIN'.   I am not much of a pop/soda kind of gal.  Coffee and tea are my favs, not good choices either.  Brian, my coach, said to change one thing at a time.  I am done with sugary things, yuck.  Flour....its not good for you, really.  Want a carb, eat a potato.  So...back to eating right.  I want to FINALLY....not have to...want to.  Life style change, not a diet.  I will add one more thing.  I had gestational diabetes 3 times, I am NOT going to get diabetes, my dad died from it....I won't.

Well, I have to get my day going!  What are you going to do for yourself today?  Will you try something new?  Push yourself a little harder, please do.  Try.  If you walk, go another .25 of a mile.  If you stopped working out.....Never quit and try something new or push a little harder today!  Tell me if you did try something new.  Step out of your comfort zone.  

listen to this song.. .   We were made to be amazing things.   -- This is for me too. Box jumps...rrrrr

SMILE....and have a great day.

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