Friday, January 18, 2013

5-day workout..score!

I know I am an awful blogger!

Well, do you remember when I started this, I was doing Zumba and Crossfit...I know, some of you Crossfitters HATE Zumba....its just cardio, FYI.   No big deal.  Nothing to be hating on.

I feel if you are in a weight loss journey, you need to have the added benefits of cardio for weight loss purposes!  I am sure many would argue with me on this.  But, I keep getting the message of adding cardio, as 45-60 minutes is needed to accomplish a loss.  (unless you helped numerous people lose weight and can prove otherwise, then you have free reigns to give your opinion.)

I know what worked for me.  (cheating for 2-weeks prior to a Paleo challenge and not getting a gym, isn't helping much.)  So, I will go back to adding a cardio treat.  I call it a treat to get my brain to think..oh cool...treat!  Yep, I work THAT backwards.

I am unique.

I know what works for me.  I know what I was doing to lose weight.  I have my eating under control.  making another grocery list, as I have a potluck tomorrow and a weekend here and let me tell you...salt and chocolate are on my radar!!!!  I am thinking pistachio bark!!!!

I know its short, but I have to get going to the next Crossfit 616 class...this would make a week of 5-day!  (well, if you include Olympic lifting as a Crossfit class...not.)  But I love it.  I need help with some moves and its helping. 

Have a great weekend, do something healthy....positive and life saving.

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