Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Well, Hellloooooo.  How are ya?  :)  Welcome back.  I hope this blog finds you to giggle a little and inspires you -- of course.  I am always up for some constructive criticism and YES, I know I am comma happy....eh, its my weakness.  I like em.  I never professed to be an English Major.  Ew.

I am sitting here looking at my pile of vitamins...you know multivitamins, calcium, hair, nails, what else....a few others.  I am working on getting fish oil...just bad experiences with them.  Its good to pop vitamins, I know maybe its mental.  Do you take them?  

I will work on getting an updated pic up.  I am getting curves in areas.  Progress is good.  Love it!  What is really neat is when people don't see you for a while and say, HEY...you got curves.  Phst, Yeah....they are there.  Just  you wait.  I honestly used to fear these workouts, you know of getting bulky.  But I have come to realize something.  Isn't it good to have a healthy muscle bulky verses fat bulky?  *shake your head with me now*  You would rather see a person with muscle than fat.  That is my thoughts.  I know a lot of American's are fat because of our diets, activity level, etc.  But seriously, people we have help.  :)  It really is everywhere. 

My knee is getting a lot better, I am stretching it whenever I possibly can.  I want my squats lower, I know those will help in a lot of aspects, so stretching is important.  When my knee was messing up, I couldn't squat so deep ....I looked back and I didn't stretch properly after whatever I did.  Its VERY important.  take that wee bit-o-advice from an Irish gal.  I think I am squatting lower.  Does it hurt?  My gosh my hips are sore, sure, but you have to push yourself.  Like today, we did front squats, Brian and another guy, said I was holding back.  95 lbs dude...fine whatever.  Brian said it looked too easy, as did the other guy.  (I really hate using people's names, but you know who you are.)  okay Mr. 205 lbs.  O_o  I am on it.  No really, I am.  I just want to get this leg back up to speed.  

The workout today.  Do I dare say I really like this?  I mean....I used to hate sweating, now I have it pouring down my face.  I need something to help that -- if you have ideas, please share.  'Cause this woman here, sweats insane amounts of liquid.  Tom calls his sweat lakes, Lake Tom, I am at little puddles, if I didn't hold back and felt all eh I am sure I will catch up and have Lake Jen's.  ew.

Workout for Tuesday, June 12
Run 400 m
3 Rounds
10 Scorpions
10 Superman
10 Wall Squats

Front Squat

8 Minute AMRAP
15 KB Swings
15 KB Push Press Right
15 KB Front Squats
15 KB Push Press Left

Okay, of course I ran most of my 250 m warm up my goal is to hit that as an all run, then run with the others in the 400 m.  It will happen sooner-than-later I am sure.

Front squats....as I said 95 was my 'max', but I am being encouraged to try more next time and I swear I heard Brian say something about back squats tomorrow.  So, I will be sure to keep moving on my legs and stretch, stretch, stretch.  I am sure the raquetball and foam roller are in my future as well.

The WOD....sweet mother...  my kettlebell was 25 lbs.  Heavy thing I tell ya.  I only got 2 rounds and through to the front squats...almost 3 rounds.  Almost.  I couldn't stand across from the other guy.  (I need to ask everyone if I can just use their first names.)  But he is amazing.  I will probably pass out if I work out across from him and waking up to mouth-to-mouth with anyone is not on my agenda.  I haven't passed out, I just can't fathom me falling to the ground.  bam.  Sure I did in my younger days and while I was head back in my first shot of whiskey...but as I said,  younger days.

Okay, the box crawl....I am being asked about.  It's starting at one box, then goes to another and ends at another all here in Grand Rapids.  So, if you live in town, email me and I will let ya know where we are and when.  This isn't a competition, just a get to know others who CrossFit in town, learn what you need to work on -- is what I am being told.  Let's see...Jen...needs to work on it all peeps.  Yes, I signed up...no I didn't know what I was getting into.  YES, I wanna call in sick already...... SMH...go figure.  I want to step out of my comfort zone.  Gulp.  I tried out for the Biggest Loser, what is the difference!?  NONE.  oy...so comfort zone...bye.

Have a great day!  :)

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