Friday, February 8, 2013

Wall Bashing Time

Have you ever hit a point in your journey that no matter what that is, where you are, it just seems hard.  Hard to breath, eat, workout, or for that matter to do anything?  You hit a standstill.  A wall.  (be careful of the difference between a wall vs. depression.)  I have been diagnosed with depression, so I know what to look for, mine was a mix of a wall and lack of sleep.  (If you haven't had that...consider yourself lucky!!!)

I found another wall, it was a bad one.  The wall of I can't do much of anything....the "I can't be successful" wall.  No worries, its not a woe is me post.

This week was just brutal with this moving thing.  I am so much better today, it's amazing what sleep does!  This move is for the best.  I was talking with my oldest daughter and what is sad is when your teen see's it and you don't.  I always, always, always have stopped doing what I need to or just when I become successful.  Dang gone it.  I hate it.  I am NOT that person anymore.  NO.  I refuse that!!!!!

I do deserve to be successful in whatever and EVERYTHING that I do.  Whether I fail at attempting it over and over again or just being amazing at it at the first attempt.  

I want success, in all aspects of my life.  We were met to be good people in life.  Not just hanging by a mire thread or reaching for whatever hand that is reaching out to help you only to smack at it, when it is there to help.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT!?  NOPE....hang on tight if you are reaching your hand out because I have your hand.  Be ready to grab a sledge hammer, cause we have some walls to tear up!  It's a wall tearing down party!!!

I want to offer a suggestion or three as to how to overcome a wall.

1 -- Figure out what the heck the problem is.  Is it something that is in your control or is it something out of your control.  If you can control it.....then my gosh CONTROL IT....get ahold of the situation  and do what you have to do to knock that wall down.  Grab that sledge hammer and go at it a swinging!   

If you can't control the situation.  It is easy!!!!  What the heck are you freaking out about!!!????  You can't control it...move on already.  Believe me.  Stress, worry, whatever it is doing to you will effect you and your health.  Stop.  JUST KNOCK IT OFF!  (email me....I will call ya and tell ya to stop it.  No worries.  I have no problem telling others to knock it off.)

2 -- Get a journal, confide in a friend, or go see a counselor or minister.  Some people can't talk, so write I am a talker/writer.  If you see me quiet, something is up, if you are up for an earful ask me what is up.   Sometimes I need to pray and get it shown to me, that is me, that is my way.  Figure out what works for you.  But get those thoughts out of your head.  When I helped with the youth at the local church here; we wrote down all our past issues, then burnt them.  They are done with.  That is how we are to tend to our past problems.  Seems easy enough right!?  For crying out loud, our eyes were put in the front of our heads for a reason, it's time to move forward.  

3 -- Do not give up. Whatever the problem is.   I will say without working out this week, I feel it.  Shoveling the 5-7 inches of snow this morning, I felt it in my hips.  Do not stop whatever is making you become better.  Ever.

4 -- Celebrate knocking down that wall.   Find a healthy way to celebrate your accomplishments.  There are many in every  journey in life.  Make them healthy celebrations.  

Friends, life goes on.  It is what it is.  

 I sometimes think that my posts are all over the place, today I think I may be onto something here! 

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