Sunday, August 24, 2014

21-days to make/break a habit day 4

Okay, I just really busy trying to get 3-children ready to go back to school, focus on my journey, living in a new area, getting my head out of the clouds, taking on a 14-day challenge from a coach who is willing to invest in some of his time if I can focus/commit on a 14-day challenge, job hunting, and whatever else I can add to the mixture. Why?  If I am busy my brain doesn't sulk and bad things can't creep in -- yes, I do have depression.  crappy thing to experience.

Please bear with me! 

I have indeed been to Crossfit, 2-3 days a week.  Last week sucked it was only 1x.  Smh...I know, believe me I do know what you are thinking.  Really, Jen!?  You don't succeed with 1 crossfit session a week!

I will post all that I have been up to.  I promise to do this more.  I miss doing it, it held me accountable.  Even if people don't comment, I know that in my heart I am jamming out on the WOD's; improving myself -- hitting my goal.

Today I am going out to start the Couch-to-5K program.  I am going to tackle a weakness and beat it down with my little invisible stick

I know it's a short post, but seriously, I will write a nice long one tomorrow as to what is up.

I am on day 4 of the 14-day challenge. :)  Doing really well and I feel amazing!  What am I doing you ask?  The Zone.  I can say I think that I am done with beans for a while.  seriously.

I am off to start beating my running demon.  What are you doing today?

Sunday, July 13, 2014's been way too long!

Well, it has truly been an interesting year, to say the least.  Without going into a lot of detail I learned a lot ...whew I am so glad that those lessons are done with! I know that you are curious -- curiosity always killed the cat - you know.  However, I will share, I have nothing to hide, besides it is the life of a blogger.  Let me put it this way, it had to do with a TON OF STRESS, some put upon by ourselves for our decisions and what others had dumped on us...but we learned -- MOVING ON!  No more dumping!!!!!

We moved from Wisconsin back to Michigan then back to Wisconsin. (summed up version)  We are doing amazing here, the kids love the small village that we have moved to, it has 921 people in it  so says the U.S. Census in what 2010.    I am slowly getting used to it and meeting new people.  It is a lot different than Grand Rapids, that is for sure! 

Now for the reason you came back.... Crossfit tracking.

YES, I start tomorrow back up in a new box. Crossfit Appleton; I am so stinking nervous it is surreal.  It's the same kind of nervous that I had when I walked into Crossfit 616, this is a different kind of nervous -- new people nervous, I screwed up my training nervous, and crap, what the heck was I thinking nervous.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE meeting new people, I just have confidence issues.  I am just so nervous as to what other people think, I know....I will get back to the point of not caring again, as I lose more weight, get more muscles, I know it all goes together.  Being in a village it's hard to make friends, it really is.  I feel that I put it upon myself.  I have really high walls and I don't expect people to climb in -- because they don't care, but it's because the walls are super high.  Thus the reason they are there.  eh...that is for a different post, but my wall have come down a lot lately.  People aren't all bad, hell, I am human, I have my flaws!   *sigh*  ANYWAYS....

I am nervous about walking into another box, aka gym. I know what my abilities are and I have to realize that its been a really long time.  I need to give it time, focus on great nutrition, sleep, and moving my fat rump.  Which brings me too.....

I gained 20 freaking lbs.  I know...hush your mouth.  It could have been more! lol   So, I want to do it for me this time.  I am back at size 24/26.  S.O.B.  (yes....its the swearing not an actual sob)  I know what to do.  I am on it.  Besides no more fat clothes my god, I hate wearing bolts of fabric, there is nothing sexy about any of the plus size clothing -- that is my personal opinion and seriously, it is NOT sexy.  I have been reading the Ketogenic thing and you can cross it with its game on.  I have to watch my carb intake.  My body loves carbs so much, it hangs onto them -- everywhere.  So, I am going to ease off of them and use them for working out/fuel.

Rick and I were talking the other day and I was telling him, that I want to do it for the grand babies.  He responded back with, 'Jen, do it because you want to see the grand babies, you deserve it.' (NO, we don't have any grand babies, but still, I am thinking long term.)  Tears....big ole crocodile tears.  It smacked me in the head that I haven't done this for me, it was always someone else.  It was for the families sake.  I don't want to have any health related issues and I won't....I am on it.    

Game on......welcome back or welcome to my journey.  I have nothing holding myself back but the thing between my ears.

Sorry for the thoughts all over the place, I just have a lot to share and I am getting my 'blogging bearings back' my bbb. ;) 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Holy MOLY...JEn is aLiVe!

Okay, the move is done and we are settled!  The hubbers has a job and I went to Crossfit Fort Atkinson last Friday!  (June 21, 2013)

I know some of you follow me and I apologize from the depths of my little pinky toe.  It's been a rough few months.  (I am sorry, let me really tell you its been an utter hell.)  Teenagers are the absolute little vampire - life suckers, little grey hair producers.  (okay, I know that isn't the real cause, but its my blog post, let me roll with it.)   Hell....   I at least lost a few pounds!  It's all stress related and eating as clean as possible.  Anyways, it's not like I was some angel, when I was a teen.   O.o

So, you know how much I LOVE Snatches, right?  No..I do not like them...that was what Friday consisted of.  Lovely.  I hurt all weekend long, my friend's birthday was on Saturday and I literally had to drag my body out of the van, it was sad. Very, very sad. 

Friday, June 21st
Hi Hang Snatch 6-6
Hang Snatch 6-6
Power Snatch 6-6

WOD: Tabata (6 Rounds at each station)

1) Row (calories)
2) Box Jumps (30/24)
3) KB Thrusters (55/35)
4) Rope Climbs

Yeah, then toss on a Tabata on top of my snatch -- at least it wasn't a back squat Tabata...that is just brutal.  Cruel, yet awesome all at the same time.  No wonder why my quads can take a beating!

YES, you noticed the red, in color -- right?  That is their color at the "Fort".  Trying to figure out all the short version for the names of the towns around here.  They are training to put a team together for next year and they have some real beasts there.  It still awes me what the body can do. 

Do I like the new box?  I don't mind it.  I don't know, its so hard to say when you go to a 5 a.m. class and there is one guy there with you.  I felt the pressure to make Robert, Colin, and Kelly (weightlifting coaches) proud.  I think I did okay...because Shane still told me to slow down in my normal spots!  ha ha...I swear.  He told the other guy 10 burpees in the warm up and me 5.  Is it bad I was laughing in my head at this poor guy, that has no idea I can talk my way out of a hell of a workout.  I think Brian needs to give him a call.  I told him that I do we shall see.  How do you tell a new coach that your WOD's the coaches never let you scale down, because you beat your way through them.   Sigh.    I really do miss 616. 

I did get a couple of pvc pipes, so I should probably practice it sure as heck won't hurt me! 

I need to rearrange the garage, so that I can do such a thing.  Ever get something in your head and its there, it just won't go away?  I have it....I so desire to be a coach.  I may not be fit, but I inspire others.  I have done it all and this is my true passion.  Its the one thing I have stuck to and went back to.  Why do people have to knock down your dream?  Seems like they don't want you to be better than them.  I have read so much on people like me who after 4-months of going to crossfit are told to get their level -1.....*shrug*  Maybe I wasn't ready.

I  went to Snap fitness yesterday.  I really did NOT like it.  The cardio aspect only I get.  I will say this!  My weights have increased -- a lot!  I just wanted to see what I wanted and could do.  Yes, I have been off for what 5-6 months?  My weights doubled, if not tripled on a few things, like the lat pull down... I did 120 lbs, I did that a few times.  My one max rep overhead press is 125 lbs!  I used to do 60 lbs.  Pec fly machine....  110 lbs it was 45 lbs last time at a gym.  I was a beast...rawr.

the more I think about it Snap fitness is great for a cardio burn and a nice tan if the sun isn't out, like today.   Just my opinion. 

I know weight loss is all diet, everything you shove in your mouth -- not as much to be on a diet, but what you want to eat.  I get it.  It's clicking.  :)  It has not a dang gone thing what you do at the gym or don't do.  I still think its funny and I literally start laughing when someone tells me how to lose weight, when I watch what they shove in their face/or facebook posts and it just cracks me up.  really.  Hush, your little pie hole friend and walk the walk. 

Well, I need to go play Frisbee with the kiddos and work on the garage so I can practice the snatch and overhead squat, with a clean and jerk in there. 

anyone want to make me a box to practice jumping up on?  :)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Wall Bashing Time

Have you ever hit a point in your journey that no matter what that is, where you are, it just seems hard.  Hard to breath, eat, workout, or for that matter to do anything?  You hit a standstill.  A wall.  (be careful of the difference between a wall vs. depression.)  I have been diagnosed with depression, so I know what to look for, mine was a mix of a wall and lack of sleep.  (If you haven't had that...consider yourself lucky!!!)

I found another wall, it was a bad one.  The wall of I can't do much of anything....the "I can't be successful" wall.  No worries, its not a woe is me post.

This week was just brutal with this moving thing.  I am so much better today, it's amazing what sleep does!  This move is for the best.  I was talking with my oldest daughter and what is sad is when your teen see's it and you don't.  I always, always, always have stopped doing what I need to or just when I become successful.  Dang gone it.  I hate it.  I am NOT that person anymore.  NO.  I refuse that!!!!!

I do deserve to be successful in whatever and EVERYTHING that I do.  Whether I fail at attempting it over and over again or just being amazing at it at the first attempt.  

I want success, in all aspects of my life.  We were met to be good people in life.  Not just hanging by a mire thread or reaching for whatever hand that is reaching out to help you only to smack at it, when it is there to help.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT!?  NOPE....hang on tight if you are reaching your hand out because I have your hand.  Be ready to grab a sledge hammer, cause we have some walls to tear up!  It's a wall tearing down party!!!

I want to offer a suggestion or three as to how to overcome a wall.

1 -- Figure out what the heck the problem is.  Is it something that is in your control or is it something out of your control.  If you can control it.....then my gosh CONTROL IT....get ahold of the situation  and do what you have to do to knock that wall down.  Grab that sledge hammer and go at it a swinging!   

If you can't control the situation.  It is easy!!!!  What the heck are you freaking out about!!!????  You can't control it...move on already.  Believe me.  Stress, worry, whatever it is doing to you will effect you and your health.  Stop.  JUST KNOCK IT OFF!  (email me....I will call ya and tell ya to stop it.  No worries.  I have no problem telling others to knock it off.)

2 -- Get a journal, confide in a friend, or go see a counselor or minister.  Some people can't talk, so write I am a talker/writer.  If you see me quiet, something is up, if you are up for an earful ask me what is up.   Sometimes I need to pray and get it shown to me, that is me, that is my way.  Figure out what works for you.  But get those thoughts out of your head.  When I helped with the youth at the local church here; we wrote down all our past issues, then burnt them.  They are done with.  That is how we are to tend to our past problems.  Seems easy enough right!?  For crying out loud, our eyes were put in the front of our heads for a reason, it's time to move forward.  

3 -- Do not give up. Whatever the problem is.   I will say without working out this week, I feel it.  Shoveling the 5-7 inches of snow this morning, I felt it in my hips.  Do not stop whatever is making you become better.  Ever.

4 -- Celebrate knocking down that wall.   Find a healthy way to celebrate your accomplishments.  There are many in every  journey in life.  Make them healthy celebrations.  

Friends, life goes on.  It is what it is.  

 I sometimes think that my posts are all over the place, today I think I may be onto something here!