Thursday, May 3, 2012

Nothing special ....really.

Okay, I slacked.  I am only being honest.  I feel that being honest is the only way to deal with things.  HEY!  I did 3-days in a row, what else would you like from me?  Kidding.  I am going tomorrow.  NO worries.  I may search the Internet for another boxes warm-up and WOD for Sunday though -- if you know of any let me know.  I will attempt it.

I forgot to tell you! As a recovering double rope jumper, you know how you jump rope in elementary school and double bounce, I can actually jump rope for real now.  (in a giddy voice.)  Yes, I am kinda proud about that.  It took a coach to tell me that I have speed rope, I can spin it fast. hmm...OK.  DONE!  I mean seriously just tell me how to do something right and you have a person who will do it right.  That is just how I roll.  

Do you remember how I got rid of my 'faithful' scale?  I want it back.  I really do.  I miss you scale, come back to me. NO. I mean..YES.  smh.  Why isn't there a scale recovery group?

Today I am going to attempt wall-assisted hand stands.  Jen, you say, you need upper body strength for that.  YES, YES, I know.  I just want to see how far I can get.  If I get there, I will be sure to shout it from the roof top.  If not, I am sure I will share my failure. 

Why don't stores sell unsweetened coconut flakes, how about good chocolate chips?  Is it that hard of a thing to ask for?  I want to make these double-chocolate-energy-bites that Juli makes, so bad and finding the ingredients is like a treasure hunt!  I think they look delish!!!!

Make today a good day.  Do something good.  ADIOS!  

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