Tuesday, January 29, 2013

You are worth it

I dislike packing so much, I stop to blog, play a game, make dinner, etc.  Why can't we just put bubble wrap inside the truck and toss stuff in...?!?  Kind of lazy, I know.  It just sounds like so much more fun, than going through and seeing clothes that aren't fitting yet.  I will have to do something to break this lovely plateau.  You know me....I go dramatic.  Oh, you love me...admit it!

Brian said I can test my maxes, now that I got my wish, I need to get my sleep...as I only managed a whole 4-hours last night.  My stomach is having issues.  But I am working on that issue.  NO, it is NOT the toes to bars we did yesterday (53 - modified).  I know that, that kind of pain is the one where you laugh and/or cough and you grab your core and giggle....then that hurts.  You know, good and well what I speak of.

4-hours of sleep...do I go do Crossfit!?  I want to go sleep!!

So, I watched this video....You are worth it Let me say one thing.  Of course, I wouldn't be me without my very valued opinion.  I have put myself out there a lot this past year.  Scares me sometimes, even Rick wonders why I do it?  It gets things off my chest.  I need to not hold things in....I hear it is not very healthy.  He should feel fortunate I do not include him.  ;)  KIDDING. 

So, I have this issue....I always want to be accepted, but I know that I can't please everyone....see my issue?!  So, I have learned something.  That I can accept whom I am, whom I am becoming and if people don't like me...I am sorry.  But I really need to get healthy for myself.  I am just sorry they can't get to know people and learn something new from someone.  :0)  Its the reason I love meeting people.  I learn a lot!!!!

So, I was in the car going to get my hubby last night, broke down in tears, this move is bugging and exciting me all at the same time.  It isn't like I am dying, but I have become so comfortable with something I can't break the cycle.  It's like 616 needs to break up with me.  LOL  I laugh (grabbing stomach), but in my past that is how I ended it.   LET ME TELL YOU WHAT.  Why do I need to end it!?  I am moving, not dying.  I am not letting another piece of me die.  I am moving to better the family, myself, to get a fresh start and be by my buddy.  616 got my head back in the game to be strong and healthy not wanting to be sickly thin looking.

I do not want to end any of my relationships with any of my friends at 616.  *I am tearing up now as I type this.*  Can I just throw you all into my truck that is bubble wrapped lined?  I promise that I will drive safely.  I am kidding.  I will meet some new people.  Poor Crossfit Fort Atkinson coaches...they have no idea what is in store. 

I will give you a nice long blog post just before we move....you 616'ers.  You each have contributed to where I am today......so order some tissue.  :)

okay, gonna go chop veggies for meatza and see if I am going to go work out......sigh

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