Monday, January 28, 2013


I should be packing right now.  But, the motivation to shove my things into boxes right now isn't settling to well.

I will go pack as soon as I am done with this, it will be short.

I have been talking with two coaches about me taking it easy while in a move.  They said that it is not good to do;  I know this because in one week I can tell that I lose strength.  So I just keep the weights stacked on the bar, and push through it! 

We did back squats today, for strength; it was 50% and 80% of your max.  I tested back in what July?  It was 185 lbs, so I figured bump it up to 200 lbs....nope..I used between 210 and 215 (170 lbs) makes me really wonder just where my back squat is!!!  I am working on Brian testing me.  So...really.  I am becoming a wee bit impatient.  I think my deadlift is way over 300 lbs now. 

I just want to know before I go to another box.  I am thinking of trying Crossfit Fort Atkinson I have been in contact with them and they seem nice.  Brian asked for the name of it today after Dave was saying they will catch onto me slacking.  Although today 28 deadlifts at 175 lbs I don't considering slacking!

Okay, I need to keep these short.  It is cutting into my packing time!  See you at 616 or around!

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