Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Something I am Considering....

So, I am kicking around an idea.  I will take both positive and negative feedback.

I have changed so much over this past year and realize that no gimmick out there will ever surpass the results of hard work -- ever!   I am, seriously, considering becoming a Crossfit Coach.  I haven't talked to any coaches about it yet.  But I know that I am helping others with this simple blog.  If I can expand it and help others in a box, it would be an amazing thing to do.

Imagine walking into a gym and finding out your coach was in your shoes!  I know I would be impressed and want to partake in that gym.  I would push hard and not glare at the coach, thinking please you never were in my shoes, not even close, how can you possibly say that you understand!? 

I am honest and don't beat around the bush with people and I like that -- not every one does, but in this journey, a huge weight loss journey, people need honesty, they need someone who is understanding.  To remind them and to see that with hard work and a change in eating, things happen!

I am really looking for input and I know my coaches read this blog.  I don't care, I want their input, I am not looking to start my own box or anything besides I have 4-kids and that would be insane.  I just want to help others.

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