Saturday, January 26, 2013


So, life is so crazy. means that I am living life, right? is.  It means that I am finally beginning to live life.  My BFF went out ice fishing after her telling me that she didn't want to go.  I told her to go have thing I knew they were packing up to leave, THEN her hubby calls me in the ambulance, she fell (more like the wind from the wind advisory they had knocked her on her you know what).  Some stitches and a bad headache later, she is better.  I went over to help her out, I am glad that I did.

Remember me saying that we were moving.  We still are.  We got the house we wanted to get.  It's 2.5 times bigger than the one we have...816 sq feet for 6-people.  Can I tell you what....I am so glad I learned to downsize things, I got rid of so much junk when we moved in here, I have all the basics! really it's not a lot of things. 

Last week was awful for going to work out.  I went to see where Crossfit Fort Atkinson was.  I got there...couldn't even go in and see.  I am such a chicken!  WHY!?  (speaking of, I need to ask if Brian can find out if there are other boxes around there to try)

I have messaged them on facebook, they know that I am searching for a box....they are welcoming.  So, what is my problem?  I fear not finding a box like 616.  I have always made changes in the past and failed at it.  But I need to know that I am in a completely different spot!

I still have a long way to go.  Paleo challenge is a challenge, as I have my woman thing and stress.  I was told by Brian that if I keep putting things off, when will I take time for me?  *shaking my head in agreement*  To live life, I have come this far.  ...why stop!?

I am not going to.  Although I have 13-14 days left at Crossfit 616....I will be there daily.  I need that hour.  The kids aren't up ready to go until 8:00, by the time I am home from working out and eating with a shower of course, it will be 8:00 a.m.   No excuses. 

So, yes, I am still finding excuses.  I don't post because I do not want to disappoint others.  But I need to learn this is all a part of my journey.  The journey of fixing my thinking, doing, and then becoming!

Becoming the person I deserve to be.

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