Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Just dropping a note

Well, I definitely have been busy!

A child catching the flu, school work, oh yeah, life is on full force over here...let me tell you.

Well, I worked out twice last week.  I can give you any reason, but if you asked I am sure I will change the reason.  So, I can't give you a definite reason, but just blah.  That was where I was.  Blah.  I will say that I worked out Monday and Tuesday of this week and my arms and chest are, angry.  But it feels good.  I took today off.  Tomorrow and Friday I will be there.  I just love my coaches.  Good people

I am over it ...again.  I get to start my thyroid stuff Friday.  I am super excited.  I really think it will help.

Sorry, it is short.  I will try to get more out tomorrow but I have to get something completed for someone. 

Have an amazing day and go get a walk/run, something in today.  :)

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