Thursday, June 7, 2012

Well, workout is done. Kids are outside. I am still hurts but it feels so good then I cramp up again. So be sure you always stretch and don't pull a me. I can honestly say I am a slacker in the stretching area. Eh.

Warmup today was
run 400 m -- I almost did a full 250
30 squats
30 pass throughs
30 lunges

Pistol practice

3 rounds
10 thrusters. Rx was 115/75
20 HR pushups
30 double unders

12:47 Was my time. Thrusters I did the first two rounds with 65 lbs. Then 45 the last round. HR pushups are evil. I did single jumps of 60.

I feel that workout!!!!! It was Coach Tom today. I like him. I like Brian too. Eh... They all are good.

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