Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Where is the Smallest Violin on Earth?! Smashed and in the Trash

Okay.... So, I will proof this time but know this that I, Jen, did not go to school to get a degree to have in English major. It literally, confuses me. I like to help, push, and encourage others strive to be better.  English, commas, etc.....  eh.  It's overrated...  (I laugh as I say this, just so that you know!)

So, I had my pitty party of woe is me I won't/can't lose weight, being stuck in a rutt, wah, blah, blahty, blah, blah, blah. I am so over that!! I knew that there would be some really good times and bad times, but the forget this I am done times, was the one time that I really did not expect. Although, I appreciate Coach Brian for listening to me whine, telling me that he will do whatever it takes to keep me on my path. Good quality to have. Cory was there, too. (Thank you, guys!!)

So, I will keep this part brief. Lymph nodes are clear!! (yay!!) Now, I have a U.T.I., fantastic. It is from the junk coming out of the lymph nodes.  Friday the 21st, I get to start my thyroid and hormonal cream. I am so stinking excited!!!  I get to add 40 minutes of cardio into the loop as well..... sigh. Not like it can kill me or anything. Oh, not getting enough fats and my sugar was low. I even ate an apple 45 minutes before that. nice. 

I went to Crossfit last night. The 6:30 class on a Monday night is small!! I got me some personal training with Coach Tom. Power cleans...fun. Then 12 minutes of push presses, jumping pull ups, and wall balls. I forgot how much one sweats ... well, I do.  I even had to catch my breath on the floor, brutal workout.

This morning I went to Crossfit, Coach Robert, this a.m. deadlifts for strength. WOD power snatch and burpees. I hit my goal for burpees, which is good. I hate burpees.

Okay, I want to take some time here telling you what was going on, in my head.  My brain listened to the voices expressing self- pitty and saying that I will never accomplish this, I am doomed. Those voices lied to me. They are sneaky because they we're saying things that sometimes I believed!!!  I, seriously, was a mess.  Sunday, was messy.  Everything was a mess.  I guess I had to let it all fall out.  I thought that I was never going to have my lymph nodes cleared and those pills were to be my life.  (yeah, not cool)

Everything we do is based on what we think or perceive of ourselves. Our pasts have a lot to do with such thinking, as well. I always figured that since my mom was overweight and that my dad suffered from diabetes that, that was my future. I would just die young and need to get one of the big caskets. Seriously, I thought that at one point - can you believe that!?  What!?  Why do people think that?  Want me to tell you?  At some point, someone told us/them that we would end up like that.  No one will help them -- so we think, no one will reach out and offer support.  But, there are people who care, there are ways of getting over obesity!!!!  IT EXISTS!!!!!!  *hearing angels singing*

What made me change my mind? I told the voices that, I am stronger than this way of thinking. I deserve the life that I was given and my family deserves a wife and mother.  I wasn't going to give up.  Well, those voices creeped back in. I didn't seal a wee little crack and they found it.  I will be real here.  I dug into the bible and did a lot of prayer, asking for healing. Facebook page: Women of Crossfit= strong helped, as well.  Talking to others and the support of others is so important.  I won't let that voice over turn my journey.  I am creeping up on 40 for crying out loud!!!!  Bottom line here...attitude.. Charles Swindoll has something I want you to read...

Our attitudes are key...keep it positive!!!  Put up positive quotes, bible verses, do what you must to keep positive things going on around you!!!

I want you to think about something, not everyone will lose weight the same way.  Some have health issues and not even realize it.  Stick by them, offer an ear or a shoulder for that matter. We get one shot in these bodies, they are so brittle, yet so strong.  We weren't met to sit in front a computer.  We were met to live life.  Not let life fly by us.  So, if you see a friend struggling in the gym, in life, for that matter, give them an encouraging word to let them know that you are there.  Everyone likes to be heard, loved, to know that others care.  It is human nature.  We are to care and love one another so, eh, why not?! 

I prefer to heal things naturally, thus the reason I went to Healing Springs.  They are like family.  Everyone has an opinion, etc. as to what they feel is the right thing to do, in terms of how to handle health complications.  You can't condemn someone for doing something one way, when you would do it another way.  IT's the joy of being an American. 
Bottom line:  Everything can be healed, with food.  It really is the stem of all things.  When we are stressed, we turn to food.  When we are overweight -- our bodies are stressed right!?  Why not turn to food!?  Healthy foods.....you know....lean meats, nuts and seeds, fruits and veggies, some starches, healthy fats....you get it right...???

You can't go to the gym/box and kill a workout then go home and eat a day's worth of bad foods.  It doesn't work that way.  It is time to get the bodies strong.  We were met for more. 

So, who is on board!?  Break your world's smallest violin and stop singing that woe is me song and join me, climb on board.....I got this....will you take my hand....and do this!? 

Remember the attitude thing above....It's all how you handle it........

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