Friday, September 14, 2012

Suck it Up Sunshine

What do you do when life hits you so hard that you want to punch it in the face?  I learned that I have a new love -- lift weights!  No lie, it helps.  This week I have embarked on some pretty big trials and man alive.  Today, I just want to cry, laugh and ask, what the heck is going on!?  ( I know what is up, but I still wanna ask why.) 

What do you do when life gets so insane? 

Do you go to the fridge and hope something sweet, salty, fatty and bad is in there? 

Do you run to the store/restaurant and grab something? 

Do you pray or meditate? 

Do you go workout? 

How about call a friend and cry? 

Is your out a healthy one or a bad one that seems to be embedded into your genes? 

Nothing is embedded in our genes that will make us eat food that hurt us.  Really, its not.  Stress is just something that comes around and it can stick or you can let it roll off your shoulder.  What will you do?  Will you let it control you?  Will you control it?  Can you control it?  YES, I believe you can.  As long as you are working out, eating healthy/clean, drinking good water (city water has junk in it you may want to research that can hinder you and can be worse than diet sodas -- just research it), sleep, prayer, and a few other things.  I researched it and seen it on a few web-sites.  It's controllable.  We just sometimes feel it isn't.

If you are in a stressful situation, sometimes even a counselor, minister, even a close friend will work.  Just don't bottle that junk up inside.  I held onto a lot of stuff for many years and now I carry a lot of tight muscles in my back.  Have to work my butt off to wear off my Big Macs, Culvers burgers, Culver Concretes and every thing else I ate that was bad.  I  am working on a lot of junk, cause that is what it is right now..junk.   The old Jen would have ran to McDonalds and shoved some food in my face, felt sick and said there.  Ooo that showed them Jen.  *rolling eyes*  Showed them what?  That I am weak and wearing my feelings on a grease grey patty!?

There I had to say that.  You learn a little about me every time.  If you are stressed, sad, mad, experiencing just a crap day or week...shoot, sometimes we get months and years.  Find someone to talk to.  There are people that will listen.  You are worth good health....stress isn't being in good health.  (It sucks!!!)

I did go work out today, I was told by my husband to.  He knows my attitude and he knows my German/Irish doesn't tolerate much junk at all.  I am SOOooooOOOO much better at controlling it though.  I thank my Heavenly Father and Crossfit! 

Workout for Friday, September 14
Run 400/2 Min Jump Rope
30 Squats
30 Pass Throughs
30 Overhead Squats

Strict Pullups
5 Sets – 8-% max reps

Thrusters (95/65)
Handstand Pushups

Well, I did 2-3 pull ups each time with a band. Better than jumping pull ups!

65 lbs I did do the RX but the handstand pushups I put my knees up on a box and did it that way.  I kicked those out fast, I had some frustrations to take care I am just kinda numb to a lot and moving my arms are a workout by itself!

Good news!  I measured again...remember I did last Thursday on the 6th?  I am down 8 inches from last week!  Holy moly, no wonder why my capri's felt loose.  Eating right really works!  whoa.

Have a great day; get out and do some stuff today!  Make yourself feel good.  It's okay to do that. 

Again, I don't get this new blog set up.  no spell check blah.

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