Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"Angie" Eating Right

Okay, so my life is in utter chaos right now.  Kids, home school, laundry, housework, working out, eating right, working on potty training, etc.  Can I have chocolate now?  If I don't break down, then I know that I have succeeded in a lot.  

We did throw out 4-half gallons of ice cream!  NOT because they were recalled, but because they were bad.  That is a first.*score*  Then I ate stupid macaroni salad, but forgot about the ever so comforting, tortilla chips -- totally my weak point.  I felt ill.  I can't do it.  so...again *score* My body knows what is good and bad now and really lets me know!  To the point of feeling ill.

Workout for Wednesday, September 19
Run 400/2 min. Jump Rope
3 Rounds
10 Squats
10 Pass Throughs
100 Kipping Swings

For time:
100 Pullups
100 Pushups
100 Situps
100 Squats
Roll Quads – 2 min per leg
Couch Stretch – 2 min per leg

OH my gosh.  I do NOT have my pull ups, but off a box I did jumping pullups.  I need to work on them again, I will. I did it in 31:09.  Push ups were my weak point and took the longest.

Brian touched on diet on the blog for today 616 blog.  I ask that you consider eating right.  I read a bit of the article posted on the blog and will finish it.  I do know of people who completely changed their health with diet.  It is something I am working on and still fall short on.  I beat myself up pretty good for it, too.  But it took 17 years to get to the point of correcting wrongs...this won't happen over night -- although it's a goal!  

I DO NOT WANT DIABETES.  This is why I am on this journey, my dad died from it before the age of 60 and I refuse, even though just 3-years ago I was shooting up almost a whole syringe full of insulin each time that I ate. NOT good. I.REFUSE.TO.DO.THAT.AGAIN!!!!

What do you have planned?  I hope it is something to get moving today.

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