Friday, August 31, 2012


I did a 5-day workout week.  I can say that I truly feel it!  *whispering* 'It feels good'.  It was a week of testing our max reps; therefore, testing and beating the daylights out of my mental walls that I had up.  Stepping out of my comfort zone is intense.  It feels like someone ripped my security blanket away and pointed their finger at me laughing and yelling LOSER, YOU ARE SO WEAK!  I am not weak though, no one is weak.  Everyone simply has different fitness levels!

I mean, sure I can lift a lot, but I was raised to lift heavy things.  19 years of cutting and stacking wood, bailing hay, working in construction with my dad and 19 years of lifting weights here and there.  Coaches Robert and Brian told me the other day that I am a strong woman.  Those words used to scare me in the gym setting.  But can I say something?  After hearing the words I can't do this, that or the other thing, all the mental garbage over the past 39 years I can say this:  I am a strong woman, I can hold my head up, take my life-lessons thrown at me, learn new things, forgive, love, laugh, joke, be peaceful, study and LIFT HEAVY WEIGHTS, all without feeling like I am a beastly man.  Coach Robert and I had a talk this morning.  I love how they come to me to ask me things, I am honest and try to word it so people understand things.  I do.  

I love the 616 coaches!!!  They all know that I am breaking walls down.  They are my counselors, coaches, and whatever else, I love them all in a way that I can't explain if you don't go to a box you won't get it.  They are my peeps.  As are the people going, man.  It's awesome.  They lift up people, don't tear them down.  They want to see success.  Good people....helping other people become better, good people.  (does that make sense?)  I just wanna hug 'em all.  I feel that I have broke down some walls this week.  I love you guys!!!!!!!  You are my second family.  

So, Vince is going away.   He is the one that I watch and think, someday....I will do what he is doing.  .  *sigh*  He is joining the Army.  So, tomorrow there is a going away party for him.  I will go cheer them on in the WOD.   Emotional support!  ;)  A little extra push.  


Workout for Thursday, August 30
Run 200
3 Rounds
10 Fire Hydrants
10 Leg Swings All Directions
10 Goblet Squats
30 pass throughs

1 Rep Max Overhead Squat

400 m for time
Rest 5 Min
Max pushups (you can rest at the top, but not on the floor)
Run 800 m

GEH, you all know I love running.  (I mean I am getting there.)  Max overhead squat is a weak 95 lbs.  Shoulder issues, going to rest and roll it!  

My 400 m run is 3 minutes.  I came in last, but I don't really care.  HA.  I ran it.  I did on my toe push ups 5 of them.  I did run the 800 m.  took me forever and the first 400 m were hell, but the second 400 m I think I was numb.  No lie.

Today's was fun

Workout for Friday, August 31
Run 400
3 Rounds
10 Good Mornings (w/ barbell for round 2 and 3)
20 Steps Walking Lunge with twist
10 Super PERSON's

1 Rep Max Deadlift

8 Minute AMRAP
10 Power Cleans (95/65)
10 Toes to Bar

My 5 rep max was 235 lbs.  Today I crushed it with an increase of 20 lbs upping my max weight up to 255 lbs.  I could have done more, but its been a very long, hard workout week!  

The WOD, I did the 65 lbs and toes to bar, hanging from that bar....shoulder pain, more of irritated.  So I laid on the floor and kicked my legs up over my head and hit the bar.  5 rounds plus 7 power cleans.  It was a good day today.  ...It's FRIDAY! 

I have to get my eating under control.  I know that if I increase my veggies and meats, I will be good.  Time to buckle down, we are having some things coming up in over a month and my 20-year class reunion is the 15th of Oct or something like that -- not even sure if I am going yet.  But, its a goal.  Let's see how this goes!  

Get your day on, go do something good for yourself -- someone else while you are at it! :)  Drag a friend to a box or a workout!

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