Monday, August 27, 2012

Well,  I am showing signs of losing inches still, which is good.  I am NOT complaining!  No reason to complain.  I am noticing that my c-section scars are ....coming around.  Without getting into too much detail here; you get the picture!  I also got me a pair of jeans that are size 20. I got them because I thought that they would be a little small and I could fit into them soon. home and put them right on.  WHAT!?  I went into the kitchen with a huge cheesy grin... THEY FIT!  Hello size 16...I am so close to you.  I can smell you.  SEEEEeeeeee!
This was yesterday with my 20's on!

Not a lot going on...other than getting the kids ready for school.  People keep saying to document what you eat, well I have to this week.  We are going to work on why the scale won't move...  here comes some truth time.  I know reality time is coming.  At least reality doesn't scare me anymore.

oh..I fell off of the sugar detox.  I didn't tuck and roll when I fell so I crashed into a tree and splattered and got banged around.  I need to control my issue with food first and foremost.  I am NOT a super human.  This is on my list to tackle.  I, seriously, feel like a drug addict on some days.

Workout for Monday, August 27
3 Rounds
10 Supermans
10 Situps
10 Wall Ball
50 Jump Rope

Find 1 Rep Max Strict Press

Row 500 m for time
Rest at least 5 minutes
200 Double Unders for time

I pr'd my strict press...93 lbs.  Nice huh?

Rowing:  2:03 -- WHAT!?  uh..I was a huffin' and a puffin'.  Brian said that he wanted us to push hard.  I did so.  When I was done...I got off the rower and just laid on the floor.  Then crawled a bit, but that was just for visuals.   

Double unders...I do not have.  I did 300 singles.  13:25....that is just something I need to step up and do!  Stop being a baby about it.  The first 100; I couldn't do more than 12 in a row, 200' more than 19 and then bam...50 in a row.  I think that should be a testament that practicing is good. 

 So, I am seeing progress, its now time to focus on my food intake.  I got this.  I want this, deserve this.  I am working on some personal stuff, to clear the air.  I feel that I need to work on my insides and spiritual so everything is in tune together.  Which I am daily.  But this is just my view.   I want to be a coach so bad...I can taste it!!!  

Well, I have things to do today.  Go out and get your sweat on.  Don't hold back.  Workout til ya wanna throw-up, which means to push yourself to the limit.

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