Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sugar.......and Journey....Just do something new!

Well, I made it to the box again.  Just as I said I would.  Had an off night sleeping.  *bleh*

So, I don't think I was clear on the 21-day sugar's no sugar....period. There are different layers to it, but I honestly don't eat grains like I used to, so I could care less about it.  NO Fruit...that is my issue. But today I popped a couple of grapes and last night the female dog in me came out.  I can say I hate any type of detoxing.  The body goes into shock, the brain gets these thoughts of you can't do it.  Thank goodness, Brian was messaging me stick with it he is reading the 'manual' now.  

I had a great conversation with a new friend today, Kim.  She told me how she is losing amazing amounts of fat!  *sigh*  I may have to follow in her lead, which means...I will research it more and talk on it more later.  But I need to take care of this mess I have created.  It's time to put on my big girl pants and fix they can fall down.  I will keep you posted.  You know I will.

I am not stopping this journey, just may be going on another path, temporarily. Believe me I had my mini melt down.

Workout for Thursday, August 23
Run 400
30 Squats
30 Pass Throughs
30 Overhead Squats

Snatch Technique/Practice

Power Snatch (115/85)
Ring Dip
Knees to Elbows

Okay, you know how much I love the snatch.  No really, I am getting there.   I did 65 lbs with a time of 13:14.    I am not longer looking for a faster time, but better technique.  I think that is why I messed up my upper arms/shoulders.  For the dips, I did the dips on the big deal, knees to elbows...more like knees to waist.  I try to kick it up as high as I can every time.  

Not a lot to say today.  Other than, I do not like sugar detoxing.  LOL  But I know it needs to be done.  We clean out our closets, cars, houses, why not our bodies?  *shrug*  eh ...this is where I need someone to say suck it up sunshine!  O.o

So.....can ya tell I am just bleh?  lol   Day 3.....come on day 21 already!

Have a great day and do me a favor...try something new today.  Don't think about doing something new, actually go do it.  Contact a local CrossFit box, sign up for a race...but do something for your body....

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