Wednesday, August 1, 2012

HOLY MOLY!  This is early and its August already!?  WHAT!? I am sitting here eating eggs, which might go off my menu next week, just because I am playing around with my nutrition and figuring out what works.  Eggs, I eat them daily and well.....I think we can do the math.....if I am not losing, I may have an autoimmune issue!!!  *shaking head, great*  But, I had a feeling!   It's AUGUST geez...can you believe it!?

It just seems like I am at a stand still....which means, I need to change something.  It seems like most of my issues are nutrition based.  Drives me insane.  I mean, can't I just have a personal chef!?  Because I seriously, SERIOUSLY HATE cooking.  Baking..I am not a fan of.  Although the kids, love my cooking vs dad's; he loves my cooking better, too.  I just.  eh.  It may change.  :)  HOPING it does.  Maybe its the fat Jen hating it because it means standing.  

If I had to choose between cooking or may get a look like a deer in the headlights type look.  O.O  

Today I am making one of of Palomg's, blueberry muffins.   They are divine....I mean..really.  mmmm blueberry muffins, click here for recipe Now to find a chocolate recipe, I am craving a good chocolate in a bad way.  

Okay, today...

Workout for Wednesday, August 1
Run 400
3 Rounds
10 Pushups
10 Scorpions
10 Superman
10 Squats

Push Jerk Practice

5 Rounds for time:
Run 400
8 Push Jerk (145/100)
40 Steps Walking Lunge

ooo my lands.  I will say this.  I really seriously....feel very empowered yet....I feel like walking is going to be fun and I have to go shopping today! ha ha ha ha....  It's all good.  I am NOT complaining...NO WAY.  Just stating facts is all.

Running eh, I do it...ever so very slowly.  But I do.  200 m in 1.58 was my fastest time so far.  I want to get to the 400 m.  I will.  Its on my VERY long goal list.  Push jerks...ready?  70 lbs. (Thank-you, Stacie! She is my push, I see her putting weights on..I do it.  Why? I have no idea, its not a competition, it's just...I know I can do it.)   I think that I do need to work on my technique more, all that I heard was get under it Jen!  oy..I thought I was...was the thought going on inside my head. It's like this.... you know the pics that you see.  I feel like I look like this, but in reality I look like the complete opposite.  YEP!!  That is how I feel more times than not.  You have to start somewhere.  As I keep saying, CrossFitting is humbles you in many, many aspects  DAILY.  

So today, I ran 1200 m. (1609 m are in a mile and yes, I did look it up) Did 40 push jerks at 70 lbs and 200 lunges....all in 27:28 minutes.  Say what ya want, I will take that number.  I didn't quit, took some breaths and oh my gosh's in there, but did it.

You I will end  GO get your sweat on! 

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