Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Back at it....Let's do this!

Okay, so yes, last Tuesday was the last day that I had worked out.  I had to go get my babies in Ohio!  2-weeks without them seems so long.  *sigh*  The good news is that I did end up utilizing the stairs vs the elevator, sure it was a few flights, but I wasn't all winded.  Stiff knees is all.  Did a little swimming, sat in a very hot, hot tub and yes..unfortunately my workout clothes sat in the suitcase.  Honestly!  I had good intentions.  I did get 8-9 hours of sleep each night!  I could have eaten a lot worse, as well.

Well, I went to 616 yesterday and today!  I needed that long weekend to reset a few things, get my mind back into focus mode, to realize that I do not know anything, and getting good, clean foods into me is important if I want to lose this outer shell.  I kinda dwindled in the oh yeah, let's get this on bit.  My head is back on and ready to do it!

Workout for Monday, July 30
Run 400
3 Rounds
10 Good Mornings w/ barbell
10 Superman
10 Pass Throughs

Power Cleans

Take 70% of 3 Rep Max Power Clean
8 Minute AMRAP
8 Power Cleans
12 Pullups

Power cleans were 73 lbs - 73 lbs - 83 lbs - 103 lbs - I tried the 123 twice but could get it up to my waist...Coach Kelly was like squat..get underneath it.  ha hmmm..Yeah...I know.  Next time.

So for the 70% I ended up lifting 83 lbs...3 rounds plus 4 power cleans.  Not too bad.  Pull-ups obviously were in a band.  Today my arms are killing me.  Pushing water, get that lactic acid outta there.  Sitting at the desk and reaching up to my water, seems to just be a workout on its own.  I love it!  That is why I keep pushing my body to the limits.

Workout for Tuesday, July 31
Run 400
3 Rounds
10 Goblet Squats
10 Pass Throughs
10 Overhead Squats

Overhead Squats

3 Rounds
20 KB Swings
30 Situps
40 Double Unders

I got to have Coach Brian lead...Nice to have ya back!  Missed you killing..I mean pushing me.  You all know how much I LOVE overhead squats - NOT, I went in there with a different attitude of eh, it's just another squat.  Not even thinking about it.  Today I wanted to focus on my depth.  33 lbs-53 lbs-63 lbs- 68 lbs...so I guess I PR'd that one!  SWEEET.....my bad.  I wasn't paying much attention this morning until now.  That makes me very happy.  I am sitting here with a big, ole', cheesy smile face.  

Can I say one thing here about this WOD.  I hate it.  I hate KB swings and with situps..I forget to breath -- NO LIE!  watch me cause I may just pass out.....and double unders....*bowing my head*  I need help in this area..bad.  BUT, I did it.  I didn't make an excuse -- ask anyone that used to work out with me, I would have been like, oh my big toe is not happy, I can't do that today!

I used a 35 lb kettlebell. It was a heavy beast this morning, first round was great, til I had to do 80 single jump ropes.....pure hell.  WHY?  Because I don't know how to do double unders.  Man alive seems like that should be pure motivation right there!!!!   I did this all in 15:02 -- last one done today.  Fantastic -- NOT.  But I didn't quit!  Didn't even cross my mind, because I know every single one of those amazing peeps (Sarah, Mark, Stacie, Vince, Angela, Brian, Cathy, Norm and his wife) would have been on top of me...NO, do it, do it!    

Before the WOD...I was looking for the 30 lbs kettle bell, Angela was all like, "Brian said you can't do 30 lbs."  I did it, I grabbed the 35 lbs and said eh, what is 5 lbs. right!?  Nothing when you are a CrossFitter!!!!  I love those guys, they push and keep me trucking.  I needed this.  To step out of my comfort zone and show I can do this, I am worth it, and that I do deserve good health!  

Well.....what do you have planned for the day?  Are you going to call up a local box (Check this out....I am helping you!!!  CrossFit Locater) and get in there and try it!!!!!   Or just sit and read my blog and say, boy...I wish I could do it.  Guess what sunshine, yes, I am talking to you....you can do it!  Anyone can.  Your brain has been lying to you quiet frequently and saying things like, you can't, but you can or I am met to be out of shape, UHM...no....NOPE.....I will argue with you on that, because that is what I used to believe.  STOP IT -- Try it!  Go, go get your sweat on!!!!   (you know that was all out of love right?)

I need to drop this shell and become a coach....

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