Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dtupid Gallgeries

Yes.. I really sound like that....SO...... you know the positive post I did the other day. I keep reminding myself of it.

I didn't workout yesterday.....why!? Cause I will tell you in the most positive way possible. My allergies are in high drive. Dripping snot all over the place seems rude. Sweat is one thing...snot eww. Over-the-counter drugs make me drowsy, dizzy, and I tell ya do not work. I have the same symptoms as yesterday today and took none today! I refuse!!! So....

I researched the causes of allergies... it stems from the gut!!!!! What you eat. So, I am staying on the path and not going off Paleo. Not hard to do considering I now know its diet based. An amazing incentive if you ask me.....blessing.

So, today I took apple cider vinager and my wheatgrass.... pushing water, protein and veggies. Yes, I clean them I think this is honestly my body backlashing from years of junk. I so just sneezed -- Ash just counted 20 times. Yeah. I will beat this bit!! I used my handy netti pot. It helped relief the symptoms for awhile then bam!!!! 2x4... like burpees......seriously.... go get a netti pot....amazing. I can breath!!!!!!!! Rick said I get this way it lasts for less than a *shaking my head*

I am considering doing a 21-day sugar detox......this allergy thing maybe upsetting me but it is also motivating me to change everything. Starting the 21st if you are interested in doing it! I think it will be a good thing.

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