Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Did you miss me??????

Okay, I was sick for 2-days felt amazing and pushed it!  Do NOT do that if you are feeling better.  (lesson learned.)  Careful of this cold/flu whatever it is that is going around.  Your nose drips fluid, eyes water, then it settles south into the lungs.   This morning was NOT a good idea to get out of bed.  It was sleep vs working out and sleep won.  I will say.....The old Jen would have went in and said eh, I will survive.  Funny thing is....I went in at noon, instead.  Seen all my morning friends up on the board and I frowned.  I miss them so much!!  It's funny how you get attached to people whom you see day in and out.

I missed working out so much!!!  It's insane, how you can start something and miss it within a few days.  

Well.....Here it is!  

Workout for Tuesday, August 14
Run 400
3 Rounds
10 Pass Throughs
10 Kipping Swings
10 Kick up to Handstand

Weighted Pullups

12 Minute AMRAP
4 Push Press (135/95)
8 Toes to Bar
16 Steps Overhead Lunge (45/25)

Today, I had Coach Dave.  He is a lot different than Coach Tom!  Coach Dave is quiet.....  Coach Brian and him said something about me sand bagging.  I don't know about that.  .......  *sigh*  I sit and think I don't, but sometimes I know that I do!  bad-Jen-bad!

Okay...So,  I ran but they put jump rope for 2 minutes on the board.  Of course, I didn't do the handstand.  One of these days I am going to tackle it.  Soon.  Pull ups I did negatives.  Those...H.U.R.T.  I stretched my arms but raising them up is....fun.  :) NOT.  Believe me, its not a complaint...cause I giggle and make a face.  The kids are amused.

The WOD...I did 85 lbs for the push press, knees to hips, at least I feel like its hips, overhead lunges I put 5 pounds over my head....next time 10 lbs.  I need to learn to push myself, if the coach doesn't know me, but I wasn't doing a low lunge.  I probably would have only done 2 rounds!  REMEMBER I just got over this whatever it was!!!  In a bit-o-pain.   

Well, here is a pic or two for ya!

I finally fit into a CrossFit 616 shirt!  It's an XL. 

This was taken just today, this is a men's shirt L.  My headband says, "No one ever drowned in sweat" or something similar. 
I love this!!!  I had to share it.  My hands are a mess!  It's truth....  I didn't give up.  Sorry guys...I couldn't find one for you!  I want this up at Crossfit 616...I may talk to Rick about printing it up.... 
Today...I talked to myself, I am admitting to it.  I said no...NO...you will do this.  Its not a matter of if I am better health wise, but I need to get back into it.  I am not coughing, sneezing, or dripping nose drippings every where....   Tammy said something that stuck, 'You are here...90% of people are on their butt's!!!'  TRUTH!!!  I needed to hear it.  

Okay, figured I would post, its been a while, but I was sick!  I am back though.  

Have a good day, go get your sweat on and take your vitamins this cold/flu is awful!


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