Tuesday, August 7, 2012

No More Negative

Hey. What's up!?

I keep coming across articles and stories that have to do with positive talk and triumphs. If you think about it, it makes sense!!! I want to talk about it. Grab a water. This may be a long post today. It will be good... I promise.

I have to be real for a moment...I have stalled on inches and weight loss. I now have an accountability partner that won't take excuses. I am sure that she will keep it real. I will be honest with you.... I had a fat person relapse. (I think it was the T.O.M.)  Hey! This is a process. I am over it. I actually ate a good breakfast, I am gonna revamp my binder.  I am not going to blame this on anyone but me- not even you Rick....for going to get it. I love you, but lets get back to you saying no, as you are now just wasting money  -- I am sure Brian appreciates it!

I have many computer skills, it's time to put them in force. I want to make an excel spreadsheet for progress purposes. I will screen shot it when it is done. No worries. It's the same thing that I post here but just more fun. :) Time to put my college education at use for something!!!! Why not manage my health. It is a full-time job....if you think about it.

I did indeed workout yesterday, well last night. Why?   I will share...Sunday afternoon I drank smooth move tea.  Sigh....dead lifts and smooth move tea.... would make for a very bad situation!!!! I am trying to keep this clean. So I will leave it up to your imagination.  NO GOOD.


Workout for Monday, August 6
Run 400
3 Rounds
10 Superman
10 Situps
10 Single Leg Glute Raises

Ring L-Sits
3 Sets – Accumulate 60 sec.

Deadlift (225/155)
Handstand Pushup

Not a lot to talk about for yesterday's WOD to be honest.  Other than sure, of course, I hit the RX for the weight...155, I did it in 7:19.  I did, as I call them, upside down push ups; knees on a box, push up and down off a box. 
Workout for Tuesday, August 7
Run 400
3 Rounds
10 Fire Hydrants each side
10 Bird Dogs each side
10 Goblet Squats
10 Pushups

Back Squat

5×100 m Sprints

Back squats...  I ended up doing 115-135-135-135-145 -- Stacie, I missed you.  You would have pushed me saying, eh, its only three, up and down.  Easy!  Although the 145 is beating my one rep max.....  I really just want to get in there and see what my one max rep is for all things.  I am so curious.  I want to do it once every three months and just to see.  *sigh*  Sprints -- I can only say, I ran as fast as I possibly can, I did them.

OKAY get real time.....  not like I am not real most of the time!

Last night, at the box some people, myself included here, were upset with the lack in our ability to do handstand push ups.  Let's admit it here, they are hard.  But do you know what?  I am coming to learn something.  You are indeed what you think.  Here is a great article to get out of that slump  7 steps to positive self talk.  I haven't rx'd a WOD yet.  Does it upset me?  Sometimes, but more times it pushes me to work harder.  That is what we are to do.  PUSH.

This is a habit that is breakable, but you have to put the work in.  Same with all things.  You have to put the work into it. We have to stop with the negative talking at the gym, home, work, and when we are in the car!  I started doing it this a.m. and Brian checked me on it.  THANK YOU!  Negative talk, my body this, this hurts that, I can't do that, that WOD looks bad, you get the drift.  My lands, we are there to work our rear off to improve ourselves.  Let me repeat....  MY LANDS, WE ARE THERE TO WORK OUR REAR OFF TO IMPROVE OURSELVES.  So....stop bad talking your aches and pains...stretch it out more, talk to the coaches about the WOD if you can't do it.  Let us improve ourselves!  STOP complaining about the WOD of the day!!!  You paid for the membership, suck it up sunshine...just do it.  If you don't want to come to do a work out...Don't go!!!  (this is for me too!!!)

I think everyone needs to watch this!   amazing! 13:50 minute vid...grab that water ..click it!

I am going to improve myself.  In all aspects and this is a journey.  We may not be perfect.   Be humble and realize that you are not Annie Thorisdottir or Rich Froning...YET.   They work their tails off to get there and I can tell you this; I can bet burpees that they don't talk negative.
This is a man who has a strong belief system.  There is no where in scripture does it say to talk negative.
Look at that smile!!!!  No negative thoughts here folks.
I am teaching the kids that everything in life is a choice.  You can choose success or failure.  You can choose to do positive or negative talk inside that thick skull.  What is it, sunshine?  Will you improve yourself or stink from the words of negative talk?  I am going to soar and utilize the positive.  If I hear it at the gym, I am going to approach you and knock it out of you -- it is honestly upsetting me.  I think there needs to be a box rule on this!!!  Something that will make people stop.......burpees!  (Brian -- let me know I will get you a poster made for it!)  

I am the friend that is honest, brutally honest.  I don't dance around the bush.....  Let's stop this. 

See ya at the gym!!!  Go get your awesome workout on.  Your body and brain with thank ya! 

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