Thursday, September 6, 2012


The first month of school is so chaotic!  Plus blogging.  whew.

I did go to Olympic Lifting last night.  Hit a brick wall...okay, I was hungry, plus I am re-doing the sugar detox.  Priorities....Goals...NEED.TO.BE.REACHED.  Which entails sacrifice of the things that I once craved.  Meaning, I need to come to realize that I want to be fit, therefore, I need to get rid of some stuff right now.  (a lot to grasp there, sorry.)  The headache and everything else that comes with a detox is here.  ew.  I mean digestive: everything is just angry.  I mean I can paint a pretty good picture here, but I will save you some disgusting pictures.  If you have ideas on headaches, please let me know.  O.o  It's pushing migraine status.

I learned last night that I seriously need help on my jerk.  Coach Robert said something this morning, trust..its a trust thing.  I need to trust myself to get under the weight.  UGH..I do.  Trust....*sitting here pondering all the things in life that involve trust*  Now I have to throw my body under weights and trust my arms to hold it there!  I get it.  Scary thought.  So, I need to tackle yet another bull by the horns and get it.  Clean and jerks are now on my list of what to work on.  My list is slowly growing.

I went and worked out this morning...

Workout for Thursday, August 6
200 Jump Rope
30 Mountain Climbers
30 Squats
30 Pass Throughs

Burgener Warmup

1 Rep Max Squat Clean and Jerk

Push Press (95/65)

I do not wish to talk about jumping rope.  Not one bit....

I didn't find my max yet, I am so afraid of picking up heavy weights up over my head and not having the vital movement down pat.  So instead I practiced, of course.  I know that I am strong and I know I can pick up a lot of weight.  I just want the movement down pat, so I can achieve it!   I think that I will need to talk to the coaches and get in there to practice.  I do need help with my jerk, only way to get better at something is practice.  I want technique.  I am anal that way.

Push presses I did just the bar: 45 lbs.  I am drained, sugar detox, and my shoulders are insanely tight!  I did do all the burpees though!  *grin*   I have not done more than 24 in a I did all 45 in exactly 10 minutes.  I wanted to tell the coaches that I wanted to modify it, but something inside of me said no...try it.   I did. 

Shoot, I didn't even want to go, I wanted to stay in bed this morning.  It was comfy and my body said NO way.  Something inside my brain said, "How will you reach goals laying in bed?"  UGH, who are you and what did you do with the old Jen?  Really, sleep is just as important.  Today the brain said no....push.  Do it.  I am going to push water and get some serious protein and veggies in today.  

I need to talk to the coaches, I have things to work on and the gym is where it needs to be done at ....practice makes perfect and if I don't perfect these things they won't get done and I will have to do 500 jump ropes when 200 double unders are to be done!  yuck....those are on my list too!  Winter is coming, which means no running outside, I need to get those done!

Well, you see my list is growing of things to work on and YES, pull ups are still on that list.  Please, get to the gym and practice what you need to work on.  That is the only way you get better.  No one can do the work but you.

I made my body cry (sweat) this morning, you go do the same.  Life is short and you have ONE shot with your body.  Don't abuse it with food, feed it good fuel like you do your vehicle.  Remember, you also change your cars it time to do a cleanse/detox for your body as well?  Something to consider.  

*be sure to consult a doctor please...*  I am not going to be responsible for someone removing something from their diet and blaming me for passing out or something else.

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