Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend was good, went by WAY. TO. FAST!

Okay...I went and worked out today.  I am going to have to go work out today, Tuesday, Wed, and Thurs.  GOALS, I tell you, GOALS!  Then I am finding a hot tub and sitting in it until my legs can carry me out of the tub -- good luck legs. 

Workout for Monday, July 23
Run 400
3 Rounds
10 Pass Throughs
10 Inchworm Pushups
10 Squats

Split Jerks
Take 20 Minutes to find a heavy single

12 Minute AMRAP
10 Wall Ball
10 Toes to Bar
Run 100 m

Well, I got up to 85 lbs on the jerk, we had to clean it, too.  My right wrist did something funky.  I am POSITIVE I could have gone higher in weights.  Just the wrist was stiff like, it didn't want to move back.  Sad.  I wanted to really do more.  I am soooo curious as to how strong I am.  Like it kinda freaks me out....not in a bad way, but in a whoa....way.  I need to just put weights on it, have my brain compute it, prep the muscles and do it.  I am not talking like 200 lbs!   Just enough to say YES, that is sweeet.

For the WOD I used the 14 lbs I KNEW that Brian wouldn't just have let me use the 8 lbs one.  Toes to bar -- knees up and run 100 m.  Yeah, I jogged.  -- 4 rounds and 2 wall balls.  

Good news:  

A few things....   
  •  My hands are showing knuckles and bones even!  My wedding ring goes down over my knuckle, but I have like 1/4 of an inch to get it to where it should be...SO close!!!  
  • I can almost fit into my CrossFit 616 shirt, just a little tight in the arms!  WHOA.....I am so close.  SO close.  I am happy in my 2x workout shirts but my xxl/xl shirts are so close to fitting -- how cool is that?  My 2x shirts are like security blankets!?  (yeah, am I asking or screaming it?)  My tan capris I need to just get rid of (size 24).  I am sure by the end of this week, I stand up they will fall off.  My grey capris (size 22) are getting bigger and bigger.  I sense a size 20 soon!  I want OUT of the 20's!!!!  I do.  I haven't been out of the 20's gulp 16 some odd years -- before my oldest was born!  geezzzzzzz.   I am close!

I won't complain, just was hoping the scale would stop being a dork.  But Cory and I were talking, we don't fluctuation 1-2 lbs like the littler people do, we can change as much as 5-10 lbs!  WHY!?  Well, we are women, might be it, amount of salt we consume, and sleep!  I am finding that if I get less than 7 hours I gain, if I get 8 I gain, if I get 9..I LOSE!  So...Jen...get 9 hours of sleep.  I am working on it.  Tonight....I will be in bed by 8....just like my 7 year old.  (I am looking forward to it too!)

So 616 coaches, I am close to a couple of goals here!  My wedding ring to fit, get out of size 20's, and fit into my xxl/xl shirts.  I want these goals.  I don't even care what I weigh anymore, I want those things.  Let's do this!!!!  My diet is okay...its not 100% Paleo..more like 89.7% --  Which isn't bad.  

I am also lacking water so pushing that today as well.  How do I know I am lacking, my lips are dry!!!

So, go get your sweat on.....set some goals...make them doable and close.  When you reach goals you feel so good about your accomplishments!!!  Okay...sweat..go on now!!!

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