Friday, July 20, 2012


I can't express enough just how glad I am that today is Friday.!!!  NO..D.R.A.I.N.E.D.!


Yesterday, I did indeed go workout.  But let me tell you.  Going down the stairs was a bit of a task!  I gave up after one trip!  Then I realized when I got down here, I forgot the laundry upstairs in our room...sooo....I will have to cringe in an hour or so and bring it down -- just like a good wife and mother -- right!?  O_o  well, today that laundry, can wait!  HA HA HA HA  NO LIE, it isn't running anywhere!

Yesterday's workout.  oye...

Workout for Thursday, July 19
Run 400  -- I am still on the 200 m
3 Rounds
10 Fire Hydrants
10 Goblet Squats
10 Kipping Swings

Back Squat

Double Unders

Okay, if you remember I did back squats on Wed because I wasn't sure if I was going to go to the Oly class.  So, I got to do the ever so wonderful, amazing Overhead squats (OHS).  There I totally put it out there, that I HATE OHS!  I can do maybe 65 lbs and my brain, arms and everything else say WHAT!? LOL you want to keep that over your head and squat?!  oh come on.  

I don't know, I think I will be forced to throw some weights on there next time.  I am sure I can handle it, its mental -- as with all things that deal with CrossFit are.  Mental and getting out of your comfort zone.  (did you see I corrected my stupid hatred of OHS!?)  I think we will have a love/hate relationship...indeed!

Double unders -- I LOVED how Stacie explained how to do it.  Don't think of jumping faster, think slower jumps faster wrists! *note to on wrists*  This is also on my lists to learn to do...ASAP.

My time was 13:44 -- 150 sit-ups/jump ropes -- Now you get why laughing is so much fun today!?  

I am pushing water as I think I experienced some dehydration yesterday or it could be from the fact that sit ups after jumping rope seems like the breath is no where to be found!  Sit ups are defined in CrossFit as, feet on the floor, hands touching above the head and sitting up touching your feet.  (I hurt today -- but I LOVE stomach muscle hurt...I really do.)

I went this morning as well, when I got there at 5:50 a.m. I thought that I was going to be able to go back home to go back to bed -- if Mark and Sarah didn't show up, I was ready to go back home!  Then Kelly pulled up -- no stretching for us! EWwww......I like my morning stretching.  I swear I am like an old person.  I love my schedule and how I do things and if it gets out of whack my body is like- oh man!!!

It was neat to have Kelly again.  I so love her.  She pushes -- hard.  Like she knows deep down inside that I can do more.  I, just need to believe it.

Workout for Friday, July 20
Run 400  -- still at 200 m
3 Rounds
10 Pass Throughs
10 Jumping Pullups
10 Good Mornings

Strict Pullups
4 Sets Max Reps

3 Rounds
12 Power Clean (135/95)
Run 400

I want to figure out why, I can run all the way around the building one day then the next I could careless if I did or not.  'Sup wit dat!?  man alive.  Drives me insane.  WHERE IS MY CONSISTENCY!?   Maybe its because it's Friday and I worked out 3-days in a row, when I do that, I tend to drag in my WOD's.  I need to fix that. -- ideas?

Pull- up progress!!!   

I am in a band.  *bowing head* scratch that!  Okay...TWO FAT BANDS.  YES, I am laughing as I say it, because I am happy with it, I am.  It's better than jumping off my box!  It is sooo awesome to feel progress!!!  REALLY.  Poor Kelly, had to stretch them down, so that I can slip my knees into them.  I was afraid I was gonna knock her out!  It had to be a sight from the side!  But, I did em.  6, each time...arms hurt a bit!!!

So, my clean I did 83 lbs. but ran/walked the 200 m.  Pulled my calf muscles pretty good.  So my last round, I power cleaned 4x and Kelly sent me to walk and finish my round.  -- 14:59 was my time.

I would like to know when my body is ready to RX a WOD.  It does get incredibly frustrating for those of you who don't get it and for those of you who do get it, when you work out A LOT and don't see an RX next to your name on the board.  I just want ONE STINKING WOD to RX.... ONE...throw me a bone here.....    pleeeeaze OKay, I can hear Brian, Tom, Corey, Kelly, and EVERYONE else say this -- WELL, RX a WOD THEN!!!   (When I type this I read it out loud and my 7-year old is standing here laughing, then she goes --- "are you going to eat the bone?"  LOL -- grabbing stomach from laughing.  GIRL...NO!)

I am praying I see a good number, as I started the Paleo thing this week....  If I don't see progress, here soon, I may have to push a little more things to fix the thyroid ....smh..I sure did make a mess out of this body!!!

(Sarah, PLEASE let Mark know that I was joking about his Willie Nelson choice of music to listen to for working out....just never, EVER envisioned me working out hard like that listening to Willie!)

 ** I want to thank my hubbers, Rick for pushing, kicking me out of bed the last two mornings, I sure did NOT wanna go!!!  While doing that he would say 269.....go. **

There you have it!  Another week tucked under my belt.  Go get your sweat on! 

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