Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Just a short post.  I will be working out tonight, but I wanted to know your 'opinion', on something that I think about often.

Is it best to work hard in a strength session or during your WOD?  


Why would you hold back?  I mean, the strength sessions are met to help you down the road for your WOD's...right?   

Then I was reading someone's blog about training twice a day.  They have been to the Regional's and want to go to the games.  They train twice a day!  Is there something wrong with that?    If you have a goal, whether it's going to the CrossFit Games or just getting healthy, what is wrong with going to two sessions and focusing on the strength and the next time around focusing on the WOD?  

I must have gone insane or smelled too much cleaning supply fumes......  

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