Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The sunburn is getting better *YAY*, probably will peel next week *EWW*, keeping it moisturized and pushing TONS of water.  My scalp is burnt, it still hurts to brush my hair, I should just let it go for a couple of days! workouts and not brushing it after washing, not a pretty visual.

I didn't work out yesterday it was miserable here, over 100 degrees DOESN'T sound appealing to go work out in.  That and I just wanted a break from it.  (burpees were on the menu -- maybe I was unconsciously thinking of avoid 616 for that VERY reason?)  I know I can hear Tom, Brian, Corey, and everyone else...literally everyone else say, how can you improve on something if you aren't here!?  *good point*

Well, the older two kiddos are gone for two weeks and I am utterly exhausted.  I admit, I ask my kids to help me more than I think I do!  *it's a sad reality*  I have used my kids to go up and down the stairs because I hurt, but I hurt and I am going up and down the stairs!   It's amazing how lazy I have allowed myself to become and I use my children because I know that they won't/can't say no to me.  Smh.  Bad mom.  Things should change these next two weeks.  They say it takes 21-days to change a habit.....I think I will be okay.

I did go this morning!!!  :)  It was nice to be back, Cory, Stacie, Vince, Mark, Sarah, Stan and a new guy were there.  Fun crowd.  

Workout for Wednesday, July 18
Run 400
3 Rounds
20 High Knees
30 Sec. Quad Stretch
10 Leg Swings All Directions
30 Sec. Hamstring Stretch

1 Mile for time

Strict Press

There are some days I am embarrassed to say I attempted a it.  The speed portion.  If you are a runner, contact me because I AM NOT!  I try hard...

For the warm up I did run all the way around the building 200 m.... 2.00 minutes.  I am happy with that.  My mile I am embarrassed, but ran 1/2 a mile in 7:and some odd seconds.  *sigh*  Today....I vowed to improve that running speed.  I refuse to be that person who runs it in 20 minutes!

Strict presses, I was pushing 65 lbs standing pushing it over my head.  The last round I did 75 lbs!  ;)  oooo yes.  It feels good to be strong like that.  Then Stacie and I were back squatting and front squatting.  Back squats I did 115 maybe 10 times?  Maybe more.  But did 95 lbs 7 in a row.  After running...I will take it.  So, I am not sure if I am going tonight, to Oly class or not.    I may just take this week on a lower key, but Rick pushed me out of bed this morning saying "269"  UGH....really you are going to use my next goal to push me out of my bed!?  That was why I got up. Told the two older kiddos when they get back from being away, that I will lose, only way to lose is eat right and sweat!!!! 

Well, my 7-year old ate two of the blueberry muffins from Paleomg.  One word to describe them divine.  Sarah made them and I had to make them.  Found out my Ninja can make almond flour and butter.  sweet!   

I am off, I have yet more things to do!  Have a great day and go get your sweat on!!!

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