Thursday, June 28, 2012


What do you do for your body?  Do you work-out?  Do you eat right?  Do you combine the two? YES, should be your answer.   I know its not possible to eat 100% clean all the time -- is it?  ;)  Yeah, sure I am having issues, but I have an amazing support community that is keeping me in check.  (thanks guys/gals, I heart you) 

Okay...I worked out A LOT yesterday.  Today, I am taking the day off.  It's just that it's time to take that time off and I am moving, ever sooooo slowly today.  Yesterday, I can say I have no idea who that girl was, but she needs to come out more.  :)  She kinda kicked butt....not kinda...she did.  :)  It felt good.  I even stood between sets of kipping and just dripped in liquid awesome all over the floor.  ha ha ha ha..liquid awesome... *shaking my head*  I can't believe I went there.

Workout for Wednesday, June 27
Run 400
3 Rounds
10 Good Mornings
10 Single Leg Glute Raises
3 Wall Walks

Ring L Sits
5 Rounds 30 Sec.

Deadlift (225/155)
Ring Dips

Okay, obviously, I can't do some of those things yet, but I am working on it and I feel that I try harder now than when I first started.  I feel that way anyways.   The ring L sits...obviously I had to use a box, that 5th round..I wanted to cry.  

The WOD...was fun.  I ended up doing 135 lbs. for the deadlift portion - yes, Kelly looked at me with that look of --- really, Jen?  That is it!?  135  pfft, you could have done more.  *clearing throat* Yes, count that 45 times I lifted that, then 45 dips.  NOT ring dips...but regular on the box dips. ouch. Yeah, rock on!

Then I went back to 616 at 5:30 and worked on my pull ups for 30 minutes.  5 sets of 10 jumping pull ups.  Chin over the bar...of course, I was on a box and had two weights stack on top of it.  But do you know what?  I will get those pull ups!  Then I did kipping  My hands almost got their first major war wound.  I am sure if I kept going....I would have had skin tear, it was close.  I am fine with that what I did...really.  It's a goal and will be reached.  This is a lot of weight to pull up to the bar -- a lot.  Challenge, add 100-120 lbs more than you and do pull ups, let me know how it goes.  Someone has to be daring enough to know how it feels.  Someone.. anyone?  Tom, come on.  Then, you will completely know how I feel when I stare up at that bar and take a deep breath.  *whispering to myself -- go away extra person, you are literally dragging me down, you need to go.*

After that was Oly lifting.  Clean and Jerks are officially my favorite.  Yep, without a doubt.  I also found out that I am impatient, I wanna rip that bar off the floor and whip it to my chest. WRONG.  Slow to the power position then speed it up.  SO, oh so much to think about while doing lifts.  Chest up, abs in, butt back, weight on heels/middle of the foot, face forward, tighten it up and take.your.time.!  (that was for you Kelly)  I heard it enough last night...patience!!!!  rrrrrrr......

Back squats at 50% is currently at 73 lbs.....intense.  I am strong.....indeed.  I never realized that I was, until now.  I hear it all the time at the box, but I honestly feel like I am just beastly.  I mean seriously, if they tested all my max reps, I wonder what they would be at. I just keep getting stronger.  :)  Now...muscles meet fat, EAT THAT STUFF, GOT ENOUGH OF IT!!!  Game on....  just sit and visual pac man with me.....

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