Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Okay, ever have a day where you fight to go get your workout on?   That was me yesterday. Kind of like my mind was saying yes, just go do it;  my body was like no, sit, and  relax -- just don't eat!  We, my oldest child and I were in our pj's until 3:30. Yep. It was one of those days.  I haven't had one in a while and it was yesterday!

Well....the last two weeks I only have lost a half an inch, the scale is still on my,  I really do not like you list. Stupid thing!!! I think that I need someone just to take it.....a scale thief. Why not!? I will put mine on the front steps for you. Pfft. A beverage of choice even!  Seriously...volunteers?  In the back of my mind I still see the number and it urks me. It could make me cry if I sat for a moment and thought about it.  It's like the number is engraved into my mind!  I am more concerned about my muscles screaming at me right now. Seriously.... I wanna curl up and sleep. When coffee isn't working..... something needs to give.

After missing the am and noon workout, yesterday, both of which, I said I would go to. (As I said brain was go go go body was no relax. Relaxing is the plan.) I ended up going; with my oldest and a good friend. Whenever I'd looked over at her she'd give me a dirty look. "Mom I hate sweating and fear stinking", was what she kept saying. Response...... my headbands came in yesterday....I wore the one that says 'you don't smell like a princess anymore'.  Poor kid...she was sweating!!! I was so proud of her and my friend. You both did awesome and get why I like it so much!   Keep working on those squats...killer I know, but they will become your friend! (as I sit and rub my thighs, giggling)

Ok. I know that paleo is the eating of choice....coaches, seriously, sit down in front of me and talk to me cause I am all ahhhhhhhhhh. I keep slipping bad I swear that is one of my holdup's in weight loss is, the other is water input. If I am not honest..no one can help me. Right!?  So there you go.  You know I won't do it before or after class because that isn't on my mind!

Okay, the WOD  yesterday and today...

Workout for Monday, June 25
Run 400 -- 200 m
3 Rounds
10 Fire Hydrants
10 Goblet Squats
10 V Ups

Back Squat
30 Double Unders -- singles
15 KB Swings  --2  
1 Minute Rest
 3 Min AMRAP
15 KB High Pulls
10 Burpees -- 1 round plus all the way through 1 burpee.  I despise the things!

Workout for Tuesday, June 26
Run 400 -- 200
3 Rounds
10 Superman
10 Romanian Deadlifts w/ barbell
10 Pushups

Tire Flips -- These were pretty interesting.  I worked for Wingfoot, which is a Goodyear company and I know I can toss a LP (295/75/22.5), but when it comes to a tractor tire, it took me 3 tries to get it flipped!

Push Press (115/75)
Box Jumps
Wall Balls

Okay, if you never did Tabata before, it's evil...I did 65 lbs for the push press.  I think I did 38, box jumps 38, pull ups 25 and wall balls like 18?  man alive.  What it is, is this..... 20 seconds of push press, 10 sec rest -- 8 times.  Down the line. Yeah.  Try it.  Let me know how that works out for ya!   I am in a bit of pain -- the good stuff, but some pain. 

So, my oldest is upstairs, she is in pain from yesterday but her workout was modified.  ;)  Coach Tom was great.  You were given compliments Tom!!!  :)  I couldn't have done that myself.  HA.

Well, I offered up a deal today, I drop my flour -- finally and someone -- if they wish to make themselves known, will drop diet soda!!!!  I hope they do, its nasty stuff, gives ya mind fog, its bad for all aspects of your body.  Might was well swig on some rat poison.  Just my two cents....seems like I have cents when it comes to others, but myself...I have none.  *rolling eyes*

Ooo..good news.....I must be losing something somewhere cause the pants I got two weeks ago for working out, were tight then....they were my enemy today, I had to keep pulling them up.  NICE.  :)
Okay...I am done babbling....I think.... Yeah.

Ooo, my water issue, how do you know you are getting all your water in for the day?????

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