Sunday, April 22, 2012

I am here to ...PUuuummmp You UP

Ha ha ha I had to say it that way.  Real quick -- no gibbering today!

Do yourself a favor, 15 minutes.  Set it wait, just go do it now.  Just 15 minutes of walking, if you have never done anything.  Just 15 minutes for a walk, go stroll your backyard or neighborhood.  Tomorrow do 17 minutes, increase it daily for a week get it down pat then increase it.  Just start doing something.  Add some push-ups, sit-ups, lift weights, whatever.  But do something.  Your heart will love you and your body will thank you, your children and grandchildren will.   Shoot, if you don't like kids, your pet or friends will!  TAKE YOUR pet for a walk....  

Just increase things daily.  If you don't work out, you will hurt, sure.   Just know its your muscles coming alive, your blood is flowing -- guess what, it is showing that you are Aaaalive!  

Okay, I can hear it now, Jen what are you doing today?  I am going to the mall, I HATE, HATE, HATE the mall.  HATE IT.  HATE IT.  ugh.  Maybe I will like it down the road.  After dinner, I will jump rope for however long til I just wanna die, then some push-ups, maybe I will get adventurous and try handstands.  I said..MAYBE.  a pile-o-Jen on the floor doesn't sound very appealing today....if I do it..I will see if my oldest can get a pic.  LOL  IF I DO. LOL

Then, report back, what did ya do?  Do you feel better?  Did you share this with your friends, family, co-workers?  Share this!  Do it. 

This week I will post a pic of myself when I tried out for Biggest Loser 2 years ago and one from 2 weeks ago, maybe one that is more recent.  (I have things to do right now or I would now.)  I will post pics every 2 weeks.  ugh, I gotta go, I have a lot to get done today! :)  

I can't wait to hear what you did!!!!

** I should add, get approval from the doc man/woman first.. k? **

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