Friday, April 20, 2012

Being real.....

Okay, I was going to keep my blog to just one post a day, but I have to just talk about something for a moment.  (I am a gibber jaw, sorry)

I have no idea how to put this nicely......I will try and I am sorry if I offend I go.

When a fat person works out, i.e does anything with jumping, moving fast, etc.  Our mid-section has a lot of weight there.  *clearing throat*  I talked about this in my Biggest Loser audition tapes (ugh, see sooo much to talk about!), I will talk about it in a video down the road so you can see my humor on it.....WE CLAP....okay.  We make a clapping noise, we don't mean to, we aren't clapping about what we are doing, its just the belly doing a smack down on the lower regions. Okay, please don't make a big deal about it, we know.  Believe me, we know.  But if we don't work out, how will it go away -- other than eating right.  So, please, please, please.  Just ignore it or make a song to it in your head or something, just don't say or look at me....cause I will either laugh or turn really, really red.  (please don't search fat person clap, that woman urks me.....ugh....)  There..I had to just get that off my chest.  whew.

BTW: my arm....has knots in it. NICE I am rubbing the daylights out if it almost in tears.  When I rub it..its all loose, then it tightens up fast.  Its all good.  Maybe a banana?  lol SEE..I resort to least I am not shooting for chocolate!  I need me a go to person for this...a buddy to text, with texts like this...please tell me not to eat this -- with a pic of food -OR- can I eat this!?  OR I don't wanna go do my WOD!!!  ya know...Really, I do.  Any takers? It's a big job to fill.....   (Rick, hun, love you....but you need back-up)

The name Crossfitting to Get am not feeling it, do you have any ideas?

I am considering starting videos, on days that I just don't have time to type..I can just talk about my WOD, thoughts, etc.  Which means a formatting change. Just a heads up.  Then if I like recipes, I will post those as well. 

ANOTHER BTW:  I don't know who is following. *sad face*.  sigh.  I am too stinking nosy for blogging, I think.  


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