Thursday, June 21, 2012

90+ degree workout a triple workout, right?????

Okay, I apologize.  Things have been a wee bit crazy around here the last couple of days.  Summer sure is off to a jump, did you know things are running 4-6 weeks ahead!?  EEEkkk.  yuck...booo...hissssss.

I worked out yesterday and today; last night was the Olympic Lifting Class, I did that as well.  Which to me is fun, yet pure torment....*nodding head*  it's fun.  So, three workouts in a 36-hour period. NICE  (though some would disagree -- I think we can agree to disagree!  ha)

This week, I am sluggish, not really wanting to workout -- like honestly NOT at all.  We all get in these little ruts, but I believe it's good to truck through it and conquer the lazies.  I apologize to the peeps at 616 its not you....  It's me...really.  Just eh.  Just be ready, in case I cry...just turn your back.  I'll be alright.  I'm a girl...we are entitled to such a thing. Right?  nooo...  I know....the male coaches are reading this and are thinking Geez Jen, don't cry just lift more. don't get it.  HA HA HA  Working out is therapy..indeed.  It makes me feel better and the sleep last night --- awesome.  It's good when your head hits the pillow and next thing you know the alarm is going off.  NICE.  People its a blessing.  REALLY!

Okay....This was yesterday.

Workout for Wednesday, June 20
Run 400
3 Rounds
10 Pass Throughs
10 Good Mornings
10 Superman
10 Glute Raises

195-215-225-235-235 what I lifted

WOD  --15:15
3 Rounds
Run 400
12 Deadlift (50% 3 Rep Max)
15 Toes to Bar  -- actually hung and kicked....I am a monkey!

First off, this workout was in 90+ degree heat -- insane....I thought I would just lay that out there first and foremost.  Second, I beat my 225 lbs max dead lift!  People are curious as to what my max would be.  All  I know is my legs are SORE today....(you will see why, in the WOD for today!)  I ran 200 m....not all run, but I try.

Workout for Thursday, June 21
Run 400
30 Squats
30 Pass Throughs
30 Overhead Squats

Barbell Calf Rolling (2 min each leg)
Calf Stretch (2 min each leg)

5 Rounds
10 Overhead Squat (135/95)
5 Bar Muscle Up

I would like to thank everyone for not coming this morning, I mean seriously....I know it was hot yesterday, but I made it. ;)  kidding.  :)  I was out of there at 6:49.

Yeah....what is that like 110 squats?!  dang.  Yeah, NOW you know why my legs hurt.  Then I was the only one there....squat down further Jen....ugh.  My quads are soooo mad at me, I was on the floor rolling it out...nope.  lol I just want to be up as much as possible cause when I sit..I have to stand and we know what happens when you stand, the quads work....going to the bathroom is just as much fun.  I am NOT complaining...I am just saying how it is.  :)  I am giggling as I type this...really!!!   

Okay, I only OHS - the bar, I am working on technique and 45 lbs up over your head is ....yeah.  Then I did 10 jumping pull ups and 10 dips.  I don't know what my time was...11:43?  12:43?  Something like that.  I just know I finished laid in front of the fan and tried to catch my breath.  I did obviously....catch my breath.

My hands, if you crossfit you know what I am about to say, are a hot mess.  Coconut oil is awesome.  :)  Just thought I would throw that out there. I will also work on some pics cause I found the camera cord today!  (yes, I lose it very fast)

So, I am doing pretty good!  My legs are fine, knee is still popping.  Which is pointed out to you a lot when you are working out alone with a coach.  so...   *Score*  

I need to push more fluid and stop being a baby.  :)  Have a great day, do something good for your body, so you are alert and paying attention!  Gets your blood flowing vs just sitting at a computer all day long.  If you have a desk job -- slide that chair behind ya and squat -- you know you wanna!  Do something active for your body.  I need to get up and move...cause the legs are antsy...... 


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