Thursday, June 14, 2012

Titles are overrated

Well, there will be no working out for me the next couple of days. Why? I went to an Olympic lifting class last night and I will continue to go to it because I will be that woman lifting over 100 lbs up over her head.  I know people just love that and kinda run from it, but eh, this is my goal.  I did this class after doing my regular work out -- "grace".  My legs are happy and sadly my pain sensors are not. I did get my four classes in for this week though -- SCORE!

Last night, prior to class, people that found out that I had signed up for the box crawl were excited for me. (I challenged people to sign up because I am insane apparently)  People let me tell you what I may throw-up because in my mind, working out is about as much fun as I can handle for an hour..... not a day.  Oh and if I do, it takes a lot for me to throw up.  Sigh.really.  I am scared out of my brain.  I shouldn't be but let me tell you.  I am.  I wish someone would say 'back out then', but as my oldest said, "I don't think any of them will let you back out, they might come get you out of bed, mom!".  This is not a joke.  I can see them doing it, too.  

Here is the scenario:  It's bright and early, sun is shining.... bang, bang, bang on the door....I can hear Stacie now -- get up Jen. Then Tom, GET got this, Brian...Come on you can't back out!  I can see Kelly tapping on every window...get up.  LOL Then there is me, in the closet, in the fetal position, rocking back and forth mumbling... leave me alone.  Sigh  It's embarrassing enough being overweight, why?   Please someone explain to me what I was thinking.  Fun..I heard the word fun and it won't be a lot of work...Then my brain goes..sweet, fun hanging out..okay.  DON'T sign up for things if you see those words together unless you are prepared mentally.       -- I need to stay busy the next couple of days.....

Then in the class we had to stretch the quads. I cant lay on my stomach and pull my leg back to my torso. Sad. I wanted to die of embarrassment. Kelly (amazing coach peeps, amazing!) came up and helped. My oldest went and watched this all happen and told me on the way home. "Mom, I get why you tell dad to stop with the bad food. We need to help you. You do so good and you work just as hard as anyone there. I will help. You deserve this." I had tears in my eyes, finally the person who makes too much cookie dough gets it. Finally. It's different to watch fat people workout on tv than it is in person. Then I am sure to watch your mom, had to be a hard reality checker for her.  She told me she won't let herself get that way.  She gets why I harp on her with her eating bad foods.  It's a do as I say...not as I do concept that we have.  I tell her all the time, girl, mom used to eat like that...look at me.  O_o  Once in a ONCE in a while is fine, but not daily.

So the box is implementing diet. Nutrition. Finally. Just point me in the right direction and let me go. Cause this girl is done with this. Sick of it. I have control of it. Me. We were given the right foods time to use them.  Time for the basis of any healthy individual to be relearned. Then they are going to give a prize.  LOL  smh.  I will have a prize...peeps....a thinner waist.  ANYWAYS.  

I have friends that say there will be a day that we will need to run....well, then practice and stop saying it. Get off your couch and do it. Then turn around and tell me I workout too much, that is silly.  Cause I workout more than my study aspects.  :)  I just don't share it all, people..I simply don't.   Let's go runnin....oh yes... speaking of running.  I start that on Monday.  I must be clinically insane.  I have no words......

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