Friday, September 21, 2012

Punch Challenges in the Face and GO!

I am thinking about challenges today.  It's Friday and with it being the end of the week everyone, most everyone, is in pain from the week.  Whether you do a 3-day or 5-day workout week.  Your body it.  It's okay.  

  • Do you challenge yourself in the gym?  
  •  Do you push yourself past your comfort zone?

Yesterday's WOD had running in it and right now, before I go work out I hurt, I am not ready.  My calves are so tight.  Not a lot of running is on for today so I will go and do it.  Do you push yourself or tell yourself no..I am going to not push hard, I hurt -- HEY...I do it!!!  I did it yesterday for the clean and jerks, my shoulder hurt, but I did it.  :)  Your coach knows best.  Just be honest and don't sand bag a workout.  Don't ever stand in your own way of training, training isn't always's met to push us passed our comfort zones!  Step out.......

 I love this saying, because I stand in the way of my own success, last week and the beginning of this week, I let life stand in my way.  WHY!?  Why would I ever allow that to happen?!  life is going to happen people.  Every day life happens.  Why would I allow life from letting me live life?   Does that make sense?

Why am I on this journey?  I want good health

Why did I start?  I hate needles and refuse to shoot insulin into my body before I shove a plate full of carbs into my face.  (no I don't do that anymore, just sayin)

Why do I continue?  To show my girls that good health is important.

Why do you ......why are you on the journey?  Why do you push?  Why did you start?  Why....

Always remember why.  Remember why you do this and push on my friend...push on.

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