Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Went and did the WOD last I said I would.  No one gave me advice on working out double time....I may try it for a couple of weeks and see what happens...just because.  I will have to include some sweet taters and more protein, but eh, it is what it is!

Workout for Tuesday, July 24
Run 400
3 Rounds
10 Pass Throughs
10 Kipping Swings
10 Ring Rows
10 Good Mornings

Muscle Up Practice


Well, lucky me it was three people last night and I was the only girl.  I feel I push harder working out with guys.  I am sorry gals, but that is fact.  I compete with the boys and feel I accomplish more.  odd eh?  I have no idea who the coach was supposed to be as they are training to go to the Iron Egg on the 4th.  (good luck to those going!)  But we were directed by Kelly most of the time.  -- That coach is awesome.  

Muscle ups are way down on the want to do list.  Hey, you haul up 200+ lbs over rings with your arms and tell me how that works out for ya!  

Deadlifts are my favorite.  145-165-170-180-190!  I PR'd my 185!!!

My scale is stalled, but I am not worried about it.  (it's a girl thing)  I am sitting in my capris that slide down when I fold clothes -- my jean ones...which I forgot about, but they are all good.  :) When one is losing weight they don't go out and invest in a whole wardrobe ya know!

Nothing else is a story hold on.

Took the hubby to work today and a couple of doors down was a dress, it was pretty, short, I wouldn't wear it but yelled...I want that dress.  Our 7-year old goes mom...."you can't wear that dress'.  I told her girl -- 'be nice with your words'.  She goes, 'your muscles will rip the dress mom, that dress is too short too'.  I was laughing so hard.  Muscles do you think mom is gonna be this super huge muscle beast?  Yes was her response.  WHAT!?  smh....  With that I leave you this article  the fear of bulkiness and crossfitIt's a good read.  

Go get your sweat on, I have things to do.  I am thinking of taking the day off.  

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