Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hey! Okay..yes I did my workout thing yesterday- you will love the results....today I am not. Why? I think yesterday stirred everything up in my insides...but I was really nervous for Saturday, as well!!!  (its getting better...)

Yesterday morning workout didn't happen. Getting out of bed at 5 am was my first workout. Kidding. I was better after I got up. I finally got my last shoe on at 5:35am looked at Rick and said, 'nope'. Not gonna be able to do it. I was that sore yet. I am also working on getting 8 hours of sleep. I am not keen on sleep....well I used to not be anyways. Now CrossFit pushes me to the point where sleep is needed to re-coop. No lie.

I made it to the noon class. I thoroughly impressed myself but doubted myself first. Hey, I am working this out in my head that I can do all things through the Messiah who strengthens me. (Phil 4:13) I need to stop doubting the blessings that are given. Cause I have tried many things in the workout area and CrossFit is a blessing. HUGE blessing.  The encouragement, right down to the honesty.  Okay...

Workout for Monday, June 18

Run 400 m
3 rounds
10 ring rows
10 push ups
10 goblet squats

Weighted Max pullup
1 Rep.

5 rounds
15 sumo deadlift high pull (95/65)
15 hand release push up

First, I didn't wanna run.I feel sorry for my coaches sometimes..... I was gonna run to the end of the building and back. I felt good so I ran around it instead.

I am going to be working on pullups. I will do them. CrossFit is humbling -- people come down on me for working out and I am learning more than you know.

The WOD.... I did the rx'ed weight!!! But...not the push ups. Sigh. I almost rx'ed that!!! I did it in 8:56. I was sweating all over! Lol I'd squat down....drip. pull it up. Fling sweat. Lol I didn't laugh at the time, but its funny. I did it!!!

So I am not working out today..below is why. Guys don't bother...though its not that bad. Lol I could have been more graphic.  I am very good at typing up graphic pictures. LOL

Go do something good for your body today. I will just eat right, rest, get back logged housework done with, tan...chase a toddler....yep.   

I will see if I can't post pics of the box crawl......

Guys.... just stop reading.

When my youngest was being taken out c-section I was informed that my uterus was thin and she was a miracle cause its a mess. I told them go ahead and take it out....dr's...are NOT on my good list.  However, I believe its healing from eating right. I had to take extra iron pills, during that time of the month (TOM) ....yeah I would have it every other week, about a year ago. So now its slowly resetting itself....red raspberry leaves...awesome. now its just cramps....bad. so today I am taking off.   No joke.  *sigh*  Burpee's...thrusters...TOM....NO.  It is NOT happening.  (this month)

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