Monday, May 7, 2012

Sleepy Monday

*** exhaustion and blogging are a bad combo!  I don't care today! *** 
anyone have a pillow and blanket?????

Good Monday, morning!   --- I think.

How was your weekend?  Mine was good.  Complete lazy day on Saturday, stayed in my pj's all day long -- that totally rocked!  Sunday was pretty awesome.  Anything exciting happen on your end?

Last night, I got three-hours of sleep maybe four hours, but it feels more like three; it's brutal to have little sleep and do a CrossFit WOD.  (I can't give you an answer as to why - I have issues sleeping once in a while.)  But do you know what?  I went and did it.  Why?  I tried on my old work out clothes and my xxl workout pants fit, but I am not comfortable with wearing them yet.  XL shirts fit, but not this week.  I said they fit, I am NOT one of those girls that all because it fits I will wear it, so next week!  I really need to get into the Y and get some cardio in.  I haven't done any since starting C.F. and I feel that I need to push more of it.  Basically, I should just live in my gym clothes.

So, this is what we did this mornin'.

Workout for Monday, May 7

3 Rounds
50 Jump Rope
10 Inchworm Pushups
10 Situps
10 Superman
10 Overhead Squats

Push Press -- 85 lbs was my max I will get more next time!

3 Rounds
21 Wall Ball
21 Toes to Bar -- I laid on the floor, hands on bars above my head and kicked the legs up

I will be positive!!!  I am a survivor!!  :)  It will be okay.  This is a crazy journey..but one that is showing progress.

OOOO I met Kelly, the only female coach at CrossFit 616 today.  So, I officially met all the coaches.  I can say, so far, so good!  These coaches are better than any personal trainer that I have had.  

Well, have a great day.   This is a new day, today you can and will do something positive for yourself.   If I can do CrossFit on a few hours, you can do something!  It's all a mind-set.  


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