Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Has anyone ever worked so hard that every muscle is just screaming, at you -- WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!!?  I believe that I may have experienced it in my younger days; maybe bailing hay with my dad?  YES, I bailed hay with my dad.  I was the one talkin' smack to my dad as he drove the tractor telling me, "Jenny, it's good for you, just keep going."  SURE, it's good for me to stand, I mean try to balance myself on the trailer, pulling the bails of hay off the baler, and stack them up on the trailer; then put the bale on a conveyor belt back at the barn from the trailer; we did that maybe 3-4 times - to finish clearing the field.  I mean seriously.  I actually just went and looked up how much a two strand bail of hay weighed, you all will just drop jaw -- 60 lbs!!!!  (according to Wiki Ahh, yes. the days when I would eat two burgers, cause I was ready to eat one of the cows in the field, that they were feeding. Hey, my dad taught me how to work hard, bite down, and just do it.  He was a contractor and working with him was just ...brutal.  Don't get me wrong, they were good memories.  I did laugh a lot.  I just want you to see what my background is.  I am not a weak woman, my dad didn't want me to be, I think he did a good job. 

ANYWAYS.  I have a really bad case of A.D.D. today.  This post may show it.....

Day 3, this week, of working out at CrossFit616 I am in a bit of pain.  NOT from an injury.  Just in a little pain, but fought through it.  I am a strong woman.  (we are what we say we are right!?)  Good news!!!  My friend came again!  (I should ask if I can use her first name, at least)  I will be honest, if she wasn't going I wouldn't have gone. JUST being honest!!! Time to stop questioning my abilities.  The body is made for more than just being fat.  All these muscles in our bodies and some only utilize a fraction of them.  JUST IMAGINE the capabilities!!!!  Human body muscles

Anyways, this is what we did today.

Workout for Wednesday, May 2
Run 400 m
30 Squats
30 Pass Through's
30 Wall Ball

Double Under Practice
5 Rounds
1 minute on
30 sec. off

15 Minute AMRAP -- I think I did 6 rounds going onto my 7th round
5 Push Jerk -- 42.5 lbs
7 Strict Pullup -- Ring Rows
10 Jumping Lunge

OH, I found out today, that I need to work on my cardio again i.e. running.   Yeah, I ran today.  WHEW.  

I have to ask.....why don't people post comments?  Would you rather me post an email addy?  

When you start going to CrossFit616, tell them that Jen sent ya and man alive, I should earn something for referrals.   Come on...let me know if you want to go with me.  I will, go with you if you are afraid to go by yourself, it's NO big deal. Really.  OR go to one in your neighborhood and refer my blog.  It's funner than a gym.  

Okay...I am babbling.  Have a great day and do something awesome for yourself, your body deserves a good workout.

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