Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I am sorry.  I didn't forget.  I have been busy.

The hubby passed his kidney stone, he doesn't know when, took his flowmax and voila....gone.  Woot!!!

My lap top died -- sad day, had it since 2005? YES, I take care of my stuff.  Yes, that thing had tears on it from my stats class and laughs from other classes.  


Took our 4-girls camping for the weekend.  *bowing head*  Our 2-year old is a princess, I asked her if she liked camping, shaking her head, she said 'Nooooo'.  So, we will have to work on her a bit.  But the site was dirt and stones.  Ew.  The last night it thunder stormed and I told the husband packing up a tent, wet - at that, would not keep his wife sane.  So, we upgraded.  Kids were a bit happier with that.  Got a little sun, I need a little more I am thinking.  Just a bit....

I only did a workout today!  *shaking my head*  Disappointing, I know.  No worries.  I went today and feel like I really paid for it.  I like going every day, I don't feel like a weakling if I go daily.  Got a compliment that it looks like I am losing.  Okay...the scale says differently.  I hate the scale.  Seriously, I sneaked a peak and the dang thing about went flying across the room.  Liar.... 

My right knee is doing okay.  It hurts, but I really believe its healing from my zumba fall.  (in case you didn't know I walked out of the building after the session and landed on both knees on concrete.)  I am not a small girl..yeah.  I got up and walked, just a little pain -- sad thing is.  I can handle my pain, I am wondering if I did something to it.  Probably.  

Anyways....I went to 616 today.  I missed it.  Is it bad knowing that you miss something like this?  Am I really becoming that person who likes to work out?  To the point of making myself throw up!?  oy...I think so!  Is it a feat, to reach this point?  YES.  woot, doing a dance.  As the kids say -----victor ----- doing the hip sway.  (from Despicable Me movie from Disney)  

Oh!  I was asked to do the swimming aspect of a triathlon relay team.  WHAT!?  Yeah, I dreamt that Angela asked me if I wanted to do one with her, told her and she asked me though...oh my lands!  ......  Jen doggy paddles!  I would need some coaching for that!!!  No clue where to begin and I didn't agree yet.  I don't want to say yes and back out.  I would feel bad.  I am considering it...... I do have a swim cap! LOL  I would also feel bad if we came in last place.  I hate being last.

Let me see what else is up?  Kids are about done with school...Thank you sanity is spent! 

I got me some capri's size 24...dang gone it.  I mean seriously, can't companies all use the same measurements!?  I want 18's.  I am sick and tired of these 20's.  No lie.  Yes, I went down, but I want more. 
Fish, chicken, brocolli, spinach for MEeeeee....  I want it.  Size I come.  Anyone want to help me with getting to cardio!?  No joke... I wonder if any of the coaches at 616 read this.  If so..I am sure I will be pointed to the rowing machine after a WOD.

OOOO you wanna know the WOD for today?!  lol  silly me.

Workout for Wednesday, May 23
Run 400 m -- more like a brisk walk.
3 Rounds
20 Lunges
10 Figure 4 Pistols
10 Goblet Squats
10 Pushups

Front Squat
10 Minute AMRAP
10 Shoulder to Overhead  -- 44
10 Wall Ball -- 8 lbs
40 jump rope

I did 4 rounds....doubled over a few times, thinking my water would come out. HA such luck.

There you have it.  I will be back tomorrow.  Have a great day!  Make it a good one.

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