Wednesday, April 25, 2012

To break or not to break

Ello! Good day to you! Top o the mornin to ya!  I believe you have the point.

Does anyone have any issues with setting a goal and then not sticking to it?  I seem to be all gun-hoe on something then life smacks me so silly, I stop.  Not on purpose, just because I am tired, eh, I won't go down my excuse list.  I don't want to post my excuse dung all over my blog.  One of those things, where you keep seeing it you believe it type deals.

Is there something that I can do to break the breaking the habit cycle?  I have heard things from getting a workout buddy to set things up that motivate you -- I have but one.  My buddies don't workout like I do, live near me, or for that matter have more excuses than I do.  (I love ya, just don't take it personal, as you know whom you are.)  Thoughts or ideas on how to get a workout buddy?   I mean do I put an ad out, which just sounds perverse and people are so twisted I don't dare do that!

Then, I have to I sabotaging myself!?  I mean, I know that I have done it in the past.  I mean look at me, not like I can't deny such a thing!  

Do I set-up a schedule and stick to it?

Should I sit down with my coach and ask his/her thoughts on this?

Do I do as I tell the kiddos, suck it up sunshine and get your CrossFit on?  I am having these crazy dreams that I am this amazing athlete in these competitions I can't explain!  So obviously my brain is all already to do this!

I am open for ideas.  Really...I am.  Bring it on.  Do you wanna be my workout buddy?  

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