Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Little History....

OK, fair warning I will post a few times today, some history of what I have done in workouts, health, etc.  Then post pic of progress thus far and a video of today's WOD...which..yeah.  We will discuss it later! 

**this was really long and I really don't feel like fixing my English, so go ahead shake your head, giggle, whatever.  It's all good!!!**

This is just a little history of what I have done, how much I have lost, etc.  Grab a cup of coffee or some water.  I hope this isn't too boring... 

When I was in high school back in mumble....., I played basketball, volleyball, and track -- not for school, just so that we get that straight right now.  It was for the church we attended at the time.  Basketball I improved over the 4-years that I played and yes, I was the MVP my last year, nicknamed 'bulldozer', why?  Eh, I would plow through and get the ball to the net.  I remember I even got technicals' called on me, for one game, I still think that the ref had a daughter on the other team and they knew I was on fire that weekend.  I have a very determined mentality...really.   Volleyball, my serves I was told where to plant it and it landed there, I could even land the ball on the baseline.  Yep and sets were good.  Spiking was NOT my thing.  I am short, give me a break!  I was good at shot put for track, that was about it.  LOL  I hated it.  Running is NOT my favorite thing in the world.  We would play 3-5 games in a weekend, that is how we rolled.  oooo...I was in cheer leading, too.  That is just something I don't like to talk about. ha.  YES, I do have pictures of all these things.  

1992 - senior picture
I don't know what year this was I am #34, that was the year I was on the A team.  We rocked!!!  Maybe my junior year?

#30, again not sure what year it was.   

I am the second from the back of the line.

1992.   Don't knock the hair.
   So, as you can see, I wasn't always like this.  So, you ask -- what happened?  

I got pregnant and didn't listen to what I was told about nutrition.  I was a receptionist and the vendors brought me in donuts, lunches, ice cream, you name it I was given it.  Then I was still eating as if I was active before I got pregnant, I worked out a little -- nothing major.So, I had my oldest, I was a single mom.  I didn't lose the weight, did I try?  NOPE!

Then I met my husband, got married.  2 years later we had the second oldest, while pregnant, I was borderline gestational diabetic.  I controlled it with diet and believe me the Dr had me checking my sugar and I had to document what I ate.  Lost 30 lbs -- got pregnant...

3 years later, baby 3.  I had gestational diabetes AGAIN!  Controlled it again with diet, but really pushing the insulin and had her.

After that I won a contest through WOOD radio called Blubber Busters.  I went to a weight loss place here in town.  I had a personal trainer, nutritionist, Dr's checking my blood each week, I was monitored.  My blood pressure was fine, sugars, heart, it all was checked out.  I was told then that I was borderline diabetic before starting the program.  I lost 50 lbs with that and the diabetic thing was lowered.

Gained some weight and lost 45 lbs this time, on my own. Got pregnant a year or so later with the last baby.  This time it wasn't so good.  I was gestational diabetic on insulin almost the whole time.  During this time, my father also passed away -- he had diabetes.  The day he died, my sugar spiked so high, my Dr had me almost double my insulin intake.  By the time I had her, the amount of insulin was almost a whole syringe full of insulin.   My body fixed itself in the hospital. whew.

Deep breath -- so if you are wondering why I HAVE to do this.  In my research, I have found that diabetes settles into those that had gestational diabetes within 3-5 years after the last child.  My baby is just over 2 and a half years old.  My dad died from diabetes complicated symptoms.  I have too many babies to be selfish and not change myself.   I know our bodies can heal themselves, with good nutrition and being active.  That is why I am doing this.  I had a taste of what my future could consist of...I don't want it.


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