Friday, April 27, 2012

Not ready to be a movie star, but I can show ya a pic!!!

Okay, I know, I know.  I said that I was going to put a video up.  I did my hair, put some make-up on, I thought I looked good, did a tape and drop jawed.  Do you know what?!  NO.  NO WAY.....I know some of my friends would say it's a great way to document.  They would say, you tried out for the Biggest Loser and put a lot out there.  You know what?  Yeah, I know I did, but -- I am actually embarrassed now.  HOWEVER, I am doing something about it.  It was a harsh reality check yesterday and I really, really...REALLY.  Do not want to do it - yet. 

I didn't forget about the pictures either.  I disappointed.   I have no words and really, please if you have nothing nice to say, please quiet.   I am doing this to help motivate others to lose weight -- no matter what way you chose to do it, stick to it....

2008 -- Biggest Loser audition pic

April 2012 -- CrossFit first week

April 27, 2012 -- after 6 sessions of CrossFit

I am kinda in shock yet, when I get my eating under control with eating my small meals a few times a day .......can you picture it???  oh myyyyyyy

NO, I didn't alter anything, it was taken right off my camera.  I am still like whoa.  


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