Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday, Nutrition, Meatballs, and Good News!

Okay real quick, if anyone knows how to stretch arms at home, please let me know A.S.A.P.!  There has to be a way to stretch this out at home. -- thank you!  Arms are all angry at me for working them out, they kinda hate that, but I need to change their view on that.  No, I didn't crossfit this a.m. I fear my arms would be so mad I wouldn't be able to do a thing! Day off!!!!!  yezzzzz.

I am sooo glad that today is Friday!  Ugh.  It's been a long week -- or is it just me?  Anyone have any plans?  I am planning some of my oldest daughters friends to come over, ugh..she turns 16 on Tuesday...sigh.  Plus she has been grounded for like 6 months, not in a row, but close.  I am earning my grey hairs, believe me.  I also wish CrossFit happened on Sundays....(well, if that wasn't random!)

Nutrition!!!!   How many have this down pat?  Do you?  I don't ...shoot, we ate bad food last night, I told the family, fine get it out but we aren't gonna eat that for a long time...  I am not a big pizza fan, I worked at Pizza-Hut for over a year as a cook, delivery driver, and waitress.  I know what those pepperoni lover pizzas and other sorts look like after coming out of that oven, layered in grease, you know they put grease in the bottom of the pan for the thicker crust too!?  GROSSSSSS..ugh it grossed me out every time! ANYWAYS!!!  I start on that today, good foods in.  

How does the saying go?  Meat and veggies, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, no sugar.  -- yes, I had to look it up.  Need to make a huge poster and slap it up in the kitchen, next to my motivational pic (below), Is that not cool!?  I like it.  Though...I hope I don't look like that.  Anyways, I am working on nutrition, I know its the base of any healthy individual.  

This is my motivational pic, see Jen screaming to get out!? Rawr..let me ouuttt!

I know I have your interest piqued with meatballs...Are you ready for this?  So, I was looking at my hands and saying to my oldest daughter, ooo, look my knuckles are coming out.  Her response, 'Yep, they don't look like meatballs mom!'   Wow, I shook my head at her and said really????  Did you just really just say that?  She goes really look!  ugh.  really.  meatballs.  Brutal honesty out of the mouth of a cocky teen.

Good news!  1 inch is gone!  where?  The limbs that hang by my side if you see me anywhere, swinging my arms stretching.  Yeah.  That is all I have been doing, at the store, I have my husband push the cart, so I can swing my arms and stretch them.  I normally push the cart, but my gracious.  Thanks, Brian! Thanks for the WOD that killed my arms. (snickering) Also got my cable jump rope cut down too.  I should be able to do that today, just to practice jump elementary, yet so hard!

Okay I am making some recipes today so I have food to just reach for, I will share the recipes if they are any good.  I got them off a blog I like to read, though her language is harsh, I giggle.  I am guilty.  Paleomg

Have a great day and if you know of how to stretch this soreness away out of the arms or any other tricks let me know pllllleeeaaase!!!

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