Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Today seems like a good day to have a birthday.  Two people that I know have one today; Mark, a fellow crossfitter -- Sarah's hubby - he is 29...again!  Then my oldest daughters best friend -- here is to half way to 30 years old!   Happy Birthday, to the two of you, I hope that you have a great day today. 

Sarah, brought in some delish muffins for Mark's birthday, they were Paleo.  Girl, PLEASE email me that recipe.  I bit into it and was like..oh my lands, this is amazing!!!!  email me   -- please.  Those are worth a make and bake!  *drool*

Well, I mentioned in my previous post one of my goals (279).  I keep hearing people talking about other people who are fat and can outdo some of the fittest people.  Okay, I am so going to talk in third person here, just bear with me.  Jen, doesn't want to be a strong, fat person...k?  Jen wants to be a strong...thinner person.  :)  I will be happy in a size 14....I don't need to be a size 8....although it would be nice.  I mean I am not comfortable in my own skin, why would I want to stay here?  Let us ponder this...okay...Jen signed up to crossfit to burn the heck out of her fat and have it melt all over the floor at 616.  Yes, that is why I signed up.  No other reason. 

So, I am kind of excited as this month I believe I broke some barriers.....I will develop some patience and post on Friday.......maybe.....I am bad when it comes to surprises!  Let me put it this way...I think I need to downsize some more stuff!

Well, today was a fun workout.... 

Workout for Tuesday, July 10
Run 400
3 Rounds
10 Pushups
10 Fire Hydrants each leg
10 Squats

Ring Pushups
5 Sets Max Reps

3 Rounds
30 Mountain Climbers
20 Overhead Squat (95/65)
15 Toes to Bar

Those ring push ups.  I will say this if I stare at you know that what you are doing is in my sights.  Just sayin.  Vince, a fellow crossfitter, I was watching him on the rings by the floor, he was knocking out 20 at a time.  I did them on my knees 10 at a time.  Can I say one thing? My gracious!  My arms, chest and upper back even.....yeah, that sums it up.

Before the WOD there was a song while we were practicing the overhead squats.  I was dancing pretending to ride a pony, I did it after I dropped my weights to put on.  Sarah cracked up.   Not sure what my deal was today.  Spunky. 

Well, I did the WOD...with 65 lbs for the overhead squat and more like a knee lift rather than toes to bar.  UGH....my muscles are like eh!  When I get out of the van at home and walk ever so slowly to the door and my husband says that I got my monies worth. My response is yeah.  INDEED.

Okay, I wanna talk about something.  I probably shouldn't have done my 5 second little horsey ride while warming up for the WOD, but man alive.  I was full of it this a.m.  I want to talk about any type of negative talk.  I notice that when I talk about my pain...it is worse.  I kid you not!  But that is just me.  If you keep hearing someone talking about something it could rub off on you as well.  Careful what you are talking about.  You may have someone listening who is in a weak spot and not wanting to be there to begin with and you say the right thing and get that person into a slump.  Positive talk!   

I will take you back to my knee pain, I kept saying it hurt.  But...do you know what?!  It doesn't now, I stopped talking about it and my squats are getting deeper because of it.  The mind is powerful.  It can listen to you say that you can't do something and believe it or it can hear someone else say that they can't do it and it click that they can't do it either.  Then you just totally killed someone's WOD!  (This is for me too...this is to no one in particular, just check that mouth!) NO MORE NEGATIVE TALK  -- I even need to control my looks because some of them read like a book!  


Now, I am off to get some stuff done.   I know that my muscles will be thanking me.....

Go do something active and make some goals!  :)  Let's do this!

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