Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Just startin.

Well, hello! 

Let me see.  Today, I didn't go to Crossfit...why?  I all honesty I hurt.  My arms feel insanely sore....not hurt, just sore.  You can click on the link for crossfit616 and go to the blog, there it will show you the WOD (workout of the day, for those that don't know) for yesterday. 

Not many followers, but its all good, it's only day one!  Noooo big deal.  

things I am pondering, making my own workout clothes -- why?  cause I can sew!  Fat workout clothes are ugly, itchy, and uncomfortable -- no wonder some protest working out.  I mean seriously....who likes sweating in polyester!?  Then I think polyester is so 70'sish. (is that even possible to say sish?) find velor, I mean whose bright idea was that?  I won't buy it, so why would I even attempt to sweat my rear off in it?  I swear some people's kids.  I went on lululemon to look up some pants.  COME ON.....not everyone starts off in a size 12...just sayin'.  YES, I agree -- IT is a great motivator.  But..that is a while and spending $70 on a pair of capris that I will wear a month is even crazier.  (not knocking the company, just making plain observations.)   They are my goal pants ...for real! 

Do you want a little history on what is up so far?  I started working out over a year ago.  Doing mostly treadmill work, weights, kettlebells, whatever else was handed to me I did.  Then I hurt my knee -- was my diet.  It had nothing to do with what I was doing...FLOUR, BAAAAAd flour!!   SOoo, I started working out again...of course.  Nothing in the weightloss factor, didn't change my diet to much, I love food...reason I am fat. SHUSH, I know my problem.  I won't deny it for one second.  Then I started zumba and cardio.  Cardio at 5:00 a.m. for an hour some times 90 minutes long.  Zumba at 5:30ish (p.m.).  I can dance..believe it or not.  I have rhythm! I have always admired those who crossfit, as I spent way too much time on youtube.  Their strength I just wanted!  I contacted Crossfit 616 and gave them the low-down on everything, well, almost every thing that I have done.  Then went to see a sister in Cali...telling Brian, to give me a couple of weeks.  He contacted me, when I got back, I didn't contact him again I was slacking, I was fearing it!  -- just being honest.  It was freaking me out.  I FREAKED myself out.  I went in and fell in love with Crossfit, I have only maybe 4-5 visits under my belt and love it...  That is the basics....  But I love the people there.  They are so encouraging, its so different from going to a regular gym...really!  Go try it.

Okay, gonna go drink water and utilize my Neptune cable rope with pink handles of course, later.  Do something great for yourself today....  become a supporter and share! THEN go get your crossfit on!

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